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2012-05-19 23:12:47

The FBI ended a major online DNS threat last year, but the arrest of the criminals, and killing the servers would have left millions without internet service, so the servers were replaced. Here´s how to find out if you could lose your internet connection July 9th. Undisclosed Location, South America (PRWEB) May 18, 2012 Last year the FBI and international police participated in an operation called “Operation Ghost Click” in which a group of Estonian hackers had distributed...

2012-05-19 23:03:38

Research Electronics International (REI) asserts that corporate espionage and theft of business information is thriving. Cookeville, TN (PRWEB) May 19, 2012 Research Electronics International (REI), a leading manufacturer of security equipment to protect against corporate espionage, asserts that corporate espionage and theft of information is thriving. According to Frank Figliuzzi, FBI Counterintelligence Assistant Director, the current FBI caseload shows that commercial secrets worth more...

2012-05-05 07:05:18

Enid Burns for RedOrbit.com The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has drafted a controversial proposal that would require social networking sites, VoIP services and other online platforms to build a wiretap-friendly back door. The government organization is making the rounds to social networking companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and Google to urge them not to oppose the proposal. In a time when more lines of communication are open, such as instant messenger, social...

FBI Advises Internet Users To Test For DNSChanger
2012-04-22 03:44:16

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued another warning to computer owners to check their desktops and laptops for a piece of malware that could cause them to lose Internet access in a few months if the problem is not addressed. According to the Daily Mail, the DNSChanger malware is the result of an advertising scam launched by hackers last year, and many people still have the program on their computers without even realizing it. The FBI set up a system several months ago...

FBI Seizes Server Allegedly Linked To University Bomb Threat
2012-04-21 04:28:58

The FBI has seized a server used by an anonymous remailing service provider and several progressive service organizations as part of an ongoing investigation into anonymous bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh -- a move which has reportedly drawn criticism from digital anonymity advocates. The server was seized Wednesday from a co-location facility located in New York after FBI officials presented a warrant, Wired's Kim Zetter wrote on Friday. The server was used by Mixmaster, a...

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