Latest Femininity Stories

2014-05-29 23:12:24

Men and women have always been very different, however some masculine women exist along with feminine men. In a new video by Conscious Counselor, Sead Pepic explains the differences of men and women and how to communicate with one another. New York, NY (PRWEB) May 29, 2014 For thousands of years, opposite genders have been trying to understand one another. Whether it is just trying to get along or having a meaningful and understanding relationship, men and women are biologically...

2014-04-16 14:06:40

Young people who conform most strongly to norms of masculinity and femininity—the most "feminine" girls and the most "masculine" boys—are significantly more likely than their peers to engage in behaviors that pose cancer risks, according to a new study led by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers. The most feminine teenage girls use tanning beds more frequently and are more likely to be physically inactive, while the most masculine teenage boys are more likely to use chewing...

2014-03-25 23:32:45

What makes a woman sexy? Conscious Counselor releases a video that answers this question, saying that true sexiness starts from the inside. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2014 What makes a woman sexy? That is a question that many have asked throughout the years. In a world full of constant judgment and magazines using Photoshop to make models unrealistic, the answer to what makes a woman sexy is hard to find. In an interview conducted recently by Conscious Counselor representative,...

Valentine's Day Underwear Choices - Sometimes Sexy Isn't What She Needs Or Wants
2014-02-14 05:59:01

University of Leicester Underwear consumption expert Dr. Christiana Tsaousi says TV shows and glossy magazines give the false impression that only one type of underwear can make women feel feminine TV makeover shows and glossy magazines can leave women feeling guilty for not wearing "sexy" lingerie – especially on Valentine's Day. But in fact, many different types of underwear could make them feel feminine, according to an expert on underwear consumption. Dr Christiana Tsaousi,...

2014-01-17 23:01:38

Fundamentals Of Your Feminine Voice made by Kathe Perez is the latest program that teaches people how to have a passable feminine voice. A full review on the site Vinamy.com indicates if Fundamentals Of Your Feminine Voice is worth buying. Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) January 17, 2014 Fundamentals Of Your Feminine Voice is the latest program that teaches people how to vocally pass as a woman in all situations, including on the telephone. The program also covers exercises and techniques to help...

2013-04-17 23:01:40

The book Bootyology 101 and Bigger Butt Pills are now available to help women get a bigger butt and more curvaceous body. The supplement's ingredients have passed strict FDA guidelines and the book contains a wealth of information on getting in shape for women. Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) April 17, 2013 NATRENH has released a package which helps women get a more feminine body. The package helps women get in better shape. The package includes a book and in addition a supplement which helps support...

2013-04-04 16:15:46

Review finds that men still have better spatial ability than women -- this may be explained by individual differences in gender-role identification The observation that males appear to be superior to females in some fields of academic study has prompted a wealth of research hoping to shed light on whether this is attributable to nature or nurture. Although there is no difference in general intelligence between the sexes, studies over the past 35 years have consistently found that overall...

2012-12-13 12:35:24

Perceptions of leadership capacity based on voice pitch are independent of social context Male and female leaders with masculine voices are preferred by both men and women. However, even in leadership roles that are typically held by women, both sexes prefer women leaders with low-pitched voices, according to research published December 12 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Rindy Anderson from Duke University and Casey Klofstad from the University of Miami. Though earlier studies...

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