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2011-12-14 14:50:14

A mouse model to investigate allergy to fenugreek has been developed by Norwegian researchers. The model can also be used to study cross-reactivity to peanut, soy and lupin, major food allergens with public health relevance. Fenugreek is a member of the legume family and is used as an ingredient in curries, chutneys and teas. Allergic reactions to fenugreek may be severe yet its presence is rarely declared in ingredient listings. There is also great concern about potential cross-reactivity...

2011-07-11 07:12:16

"¨The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Arizona Department of Health Services have confirmed the first American fatality tied to the recent outbreak of E. coli in Germany, according to a Sunday report published at the International Business Times (IBTimes) website."¨According to IBTimes reporter Elvira Veksler, the man--who was not identified--died as a result of kidney complications. In a separate Huffington Post report, it was revealed that the man was 65 and...

2009-07-09 13:19:41

Scientists have determined that the oldest viable seeds in the world, dating from the Pleistocene era, are not as old as experts once believed, BBC News reported. The seeds, which have been grown into live Arctic lupine plants, are not 10,000 years old as believed, according to new dating techniques. In fact, using the new methods, scientists have concluded they are actually modern seeds that contaminated ancient rodent burrows. However, the scientist who debunked the record said it remains...

2009-02-05 13:32:49

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said a mysterious syrup-like odor that was occasionally reported during the past four years came from a New Jersey factory. Bloomberg said city agencies determined the likely origin of the smell by comparing wind patterns to odor reports and taking samples of affected air, the New York Daily News reported Thursday. The odor in New York City was an ester associated with fenugreek seed processing, Bloomberg said Thursday morning. The Health Department confirmed...

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