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Goat Gene Pool Facing Global Threats
2013-01-25 06:03:41

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online The global genetic pool of the goat — an animal whose meat is a vital source of protein in many impoverished nations — is being threatened, and some breeds could be at risk of dying out altogether, researchers from the Regional Service of Agro-Food Research and Development (SERIDA) claim in a new report. The study, which SERIDA said is the first monographic study of the worldwide impact of the species, “took into...

2011-03-09 09:35:30

After years of experimenting with the feces of large cats, a team from the University of Queensland discovered that the feces of tigers is an effective deterrent in warding off animal pests such as goats and kangaroos from certain plants, Associate Professor Peter Murray tells AFP. "While such repellents are typically based on offensive smells like rotten eggs, blood or bone, using tiger poo came from the idea that "if you can smell a predator nearby you would probably want to go somewhere...

2007-08-02 06:16:59

By Jennifer K. Morita, The Sacramento Bee, Calif. Aug. 2--Bleating goats and sheep have replaced the noisy drone of a Weed Eater in some communities' efforts to reduce fire risks. A growing number of communities and government agencies are turning to four-legged grass trimmers to clear overgrown vegetation that can be hazardous during the hot, dry wildfire season. This year is the first time Rocklin city officials have used goats and sheep to get rid of pesky poison oak, star thistle...

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2007-08-14 04:24:53

The Wild Goat (Capra aegagrus), is a common species of goat, with a distribution ranging from Europe and Asia Minor to central Asia and the Middle East. In the wild, these goats live in flocks of up to 500 individuals. Male wild goats are solitary and go through a period called a rut, where they are ready to mate. During the rut old males drive younger males from the maternal herds. The gestation period averages 170 days. Females usually give birth to one kid. Kids can follow the mother...

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