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2009-04-15 11:57:03

Children are affected by what their mother did not eat during her pregnancy, U.S. researchers say.

2009-04-14 08:16:40

After about seven months growing in the womb, a human fetus spends most of its time asleep. Its brain cycles back and forth between the frenzied activity of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and the quiet resting state of non-REM sleep. But whether the brains of younger, immature fetuses cycle with sleep or are simply inactive has remained a mystery, until now.

2009-03-23 00:01:00

Surgeons at North Carolina's Duke University Medical Center say they have performed surgery on a fetus to repair a heart defect. The heart was critically malformed and lacked proper channels for blood flow, The (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer reported Sunday.

2009-03-05 10:00:00

NEW YORK, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- WHO: The Columbia University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is happy to announce that Charles S.

2009-01-21 10:05:13

Moms to be may have more reason to stick to a healthy diet while they're pregnant. New research indicates a developing baby's health can be affected by the amount of fat consumed by his or her mother.

2009-01-15 10:17:48

Rats whose mothers were fed alcohol during pregnancy are more attracted to the smell of liquor during puberty. Researchers writing in BioMed Central's open access journal Behavioral and Brain Functions have shown that rats exposed during gestation find the smell of alcohol on another rat's breath during adolescence more attractive than animals with no prior fetal exposure.

2009-01-07 14:16:58

Asian immigrants in the United States appear to be using medical technology to guarantee that second or third children will be male, U.S. researchers say. Studies at the University of Texas and Columbia University reached similar conclusions, the San Jose, Calif., Mercury News reported.

2008-12-21 13:43:28

Researchers at the Baylor School of Medicine in Houston say they are making breakthroughs in enhanced DNA testing of unborn fetuses. Dr.

2008-12-19 10:07:47

Hope is on the horizon for premature infants born before their lungs have a chance to fully develop.

2008-12-05 09:00:11

Being exposed to folic acid antagonists during pregnancy may lead to several serious conditions.A new report finds the antagonists are associated with a higher risk of preeclampsia, placental abruption, fetal growth restriction or fetal death.Folic acid antagonists include drugs used to treat several illnesses such as epilepsy, mood disorders, and hypertension. Since about half of pregnancies in industrialized countries are unplanned, there is a risk of being exposed to these medications...

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