Latest Figure of the Earth Stories

2010-06-29 06:05:00

Europe's GOCE satellite has produced one of the most unique views of the Earth that we have ever seen. The colorful new map produced by the satellite depicts the influence the pull of gravity has around the world. Known as a geoid -- a mathematical figure of the Earth through gravitational calculations -- it essentially defines where the level surface is on our planet. It shows us which way is "up" and which way is "down". The GOCE satellite flies so low in orbit that it comes very close...

2007-08-01 17:14:48

How high is Mount Everest exactly? Recent surveys have come up with heights that differ by more than five metres. An expedition called the Geodetic Journey is making its way through China and Tibet to highlight the importance of geodesy and how an accurate model of the geoid from ESA's GOCE mission will lead to a unified system for measuring heights. Geodesy is concerned with measuring and mapping the shape of the Earth's surface, to the benefit of all branches of Earth sciences and has many...

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