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supernumerary robotic fingers MIT
2014-07-20 05:32:27

Researchers from the MIT have developed a wrist-mounted robotic device that could allow people to complete tasks like removing a bottle cap or twisting a screwdriver using a single hand.

Bird Fingers: Understanding Evolution Of Wings In Our Avian Friends
2014-01-08 08:29:58

While birds’ three fingers appear analogous to our own thumb, index and middle fingers, embryonic evidence has shown that the “pinky” side of a bird’s claw develops first, which some theories have said is evidence of the three bird fingers being an index, middle and ring finger.

Mobile Music Touch Musical Glove Helps People With Spinal Injuries
2012-07-18 09:05:35

People with paralyzing spinal cord injuries (SCI) now have access to a glove created by Georgia Tech researchers. This glove may improve motor skills and feeling in their hands.

New Robot Finger Out-Senses Humans
2012-06-21 06:38:55

The day dreamed up by Isaac Asimov in his novels has started to unfold, as robots have become one step closer to being better than man at the sense of touch.

2012-03-09 08:00:00

A recent invention of Originals By Weber is their new Weber Wrist & Ankle Wraps (Pat.

2012-02-07 15:07:16

Each part of the body has its own nerve cell area in the brain –we therefore have a map of our bodies in our heads.

2011-07-17 06:06:41

An international team of researchers has now uncovered the background to the development of the mole’s extra “thumb”: A bone develops in the wrist that stretches along the real thumb, giving the paw a bigger surface area for digging.

2011-05-15 00:02:32

A new treatment for a disabling hand condition called Dupuytren’s disease can restore the ability to perform everyday tasks. Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 13, 2011 Healthy hands perform countless small tasks, from pouring your morning coffee to brushing your teeth.

2011-04-26 00:00:28

A recent invention of Originals By Weber uses a NASA (spin-off) insulation product in their new Weber Wrist & Ankle Wraps (Pat. Pend.).

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