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fireball season
2015-03-19 09:14:59

Oh, sweet spring with the smell of flowers, pollen allergies, and rushing to lose weight to fit into your swimsuits. And don’t forget the meteors. Each spring, for a few weeks around the equinox (this year it occurs on March 20th), we get to experience peak fireball season. According to Earthsky.org, the rate of fireballs, or really bright meteors, goes up 30% at this time, and no one is exactly sure why.

fireball over russia
2014-11-19 12:47:02

The craziest thing is that the person kept driving towards it.

Fireballs In The Sky Smartphone App
2013-11-28 03:58:37

Citizen astronomers will now be able to use their smartphones to help collect important meteorite data, courtesy of a new app developed by researchers at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

2013-02-18 23:19:06

Astronomers say the meteor marks the start to fireball season, where there appears to be an increase in the number of bright meteors visible blazing through the night sky. Orlando,

The Fireballs Of February
2012-02-23 04:23:03

Feb. 22, 2012: In the middle of the night on February 13th, something disturbed the animal population of rural Portal, Georgia. Cows started mooing anxiously and local dogs howled at the sky. The cause of the commotion was a rock from space.

2011-08-29 12:00:00

Fueled by the Fallen, memorial tribute cars join the 2011 Chevrolet Fireball Run Adventurally as it searches for missing children.

2010-04-15 13:40:00

The National Weather Service said that authorities from several Midwestern states were flooded with reports Wednesday night after a giant fireball lit up the evening sky.

2009-02-16 09:25:00

In Texas Sunday morning, many reports were made to authorities of a fireball streaking across the state's sky.

2008-11-25 13:51:19

10-ton rock responsible for fireball in Western Canada last week.

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