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2012-04-04 23:01:18

GamerDuomo offers PC gamers around the world the latest tips and advice. In his latest blog post, John Cummings announces 5 mods that are sure to excite any Skyrim Addict. Rochester, NY (PRWEB) April 04, 2012 GamerDuomo.com is one of the world´s most visited PC Games blogs. Offering daily tips and advice to PC gaming addicts, information can be read directly from their blog or via a daily digest email. Today, John Cummings at GamerDuomo published his latest post, titled “Top 5...

Halo Stats Revealed – 20 Million Games Played To Date
2012-04-03 11:09:54

Brett Smith for Redorbit.com There´s an epic tragedy occurring across the globe right in front of our collective eyes. It isn´t the 136 billion “killed” that´s at the center of this catastrophe. It´s the senseless desecration of over 230,000 years collectively spent playing the Halo online video game series that is at the center of this worldwide disaster. According to a recent infographic released by the game maker´s company, Studio Bungie, over 20...

2012-02-03 12:00:00

What does it take to make an app empire? Sunstorm Interactive CEO Anthony Campiti knows - his three year old software company has been a consistent success with 13 top ranked games including ICEE Maker, an app that hit the #1 overall position in the iTunes App Store and Cookie Dough Bites Factory with 1 million downloads in its first week. Taking it to the next step, Campiti is announcing today the creation of a media sales unit to serve up specialized advertising for other apps and...

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