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Red bandfish
2007-03-19 14:39:27

The Red bandfish, Cepola haastii, is a bandfish of the family Cepolidae, found on the inner continental shelf around New Zealand. Its length is between 5.91 and 9.84 in (15 and 25 cm). The Red bandfish is an elongated fish with the body tapering to a point with no separate tail. The dorsal and anal fins run the length of the body from just behind the head, becoming continuous where a tail...

2007-03-16 20:33:08

The Rudderfish, Centrolophus niger, is a medusafish, the only member of the genus Centrolophus found in all tropical and temperate oceans of the world, at depths of from 164.04 to 3280.84 ft (50 to 1,000 m). Its length is from 23.62 to 59.06 in (60 to 150 cm). The rudderfish is a moderately elongated blunt-headed fish with long low dorsal and anal fins and small pectoral and pelvic fins. The...

Longspine snipefish
2007-03-16 20:31:21

The Longspine snipefish, Bellowsfish, Common bellowsfish, snipefish, Spine trumpet fish, or trumpetfish, Macroramphosus scolopax, is a snipefish of the genus Macroramphosus, found in the Atlantic, Indian, and west Pacific Oceans, at depths of between 82.02 and 1958.50 ft (25 and 600 m). Its length is up to 7.87 in (20 cm). The Longspine snipefish is a moderately elongated species with a...

Pyramodon ventralis
2007-03-12 22:36:56

Pyramodon ventralis is a pearlfish of the family Carapidae, found in the Indo-western Pacific oceans at depths of between 328.08 and 1312.34 ft (100 and 400 m). Its length is between 9.84 and 11.81 in (25 and 30 cm). Pyramodon ventralis is similar in shape to the rattails with a long tapering eel-like body ending in a pointed tail. Both the dorsal and anal fins start about a quarter of the...

Echiodon rendahli
2007-03-12 22:35:06

Echiodon rendahli is a pearlfish of the family Carapidae, found in the south west Pacific oceans around Australia and New Zealand at depths down to 196.85 ft (60 m). Its length is between 3.94 and 4.72 in (10 and 12 cm). Echiodon rendahli is similar in shape to the rattails with a long tapering eel-like body ending in a pointed tail. Both the dorsal and anal fins start about an eighth of the...

Pacific jack mackerel
2007-03-12 22:23:50

The Pacific jack mackerel, Trachurus symmetricus, is a species of fish in the family Carangidae. It is common in the north-eastern Pacific, from south-east Alaska to southern Baja. It is a pelagic fish, often found in large schools. Young frequently school near kelp and under piers. It grows up to 32 in (81 cm) long. It has a spinous dorsal fin slightly higher than its soft dorsal fin. Its...

2007-03-12 20:12:22

The koheru, Decapterus koheru, is a jack of the genus Decapterus, found only between the North Cape and the East Cape of the North Island of New Zealand, in mid-waters of reef and offshore areas. Its length is between 9.84 and 19.69 in (25 and 50 cm). The koheru is a streamlined cylindrical-shaped schooling fish, with pelagic keels on each side of the thin caudal peduncle edged with a row of...

Bight stinkfish
2007-03-12 19:38:00

The Bight stinkfish, Foetorepus phasis, is a dragonet of the family Callionymidae, found in the eastern Indian and southwest pacific Oceans, at depths of between 524.93 and 656.17 ft (160 and 200 m). Length is up to 5.12 in (13 cm). The bight stinkfish has a large flattened head and round tapering body, and all the fins are very well developed. Bulbous eyes dominate the head, positioned...

2007-02-25 21:25:47

The Fleshfish, Dermatopsis macrodon, is a cusk eel of the genus Dermatopsis, found in southern Australia and around New Zealand at shallow depths, in rock pools and reef areas of broken rock. Their length is between 2.76 and 3.94 in (7 and 10 cm). The Fleshfish is a small cod-like fish with long dorsal and anal fins and a small separate tail fin. Large pectoral fins contrast with single-ray...

Hairlip brotula
2007-02-25 21:24:20

The Hairlip brotula, Cataetyx messieri, is a brotula of the genus Cataetyx, found around South America from Argentina to Chile at depths of between 656.17 and 4921.26 ft (200 and 1500 m). Their length is between 23.62 and 27.56 in (60 and 70 cm). The Hairlip brotula is a cod-like fish, very similar to the Pink cusk eel, but with an even more pointed tail consisting of the fused dorsal and...

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