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2008-06-14 21:00:08

A deadly fish disease has been confirmed in yellow perch in Lake Michigan, Wisconsin environmental officials report. Viral hemorrhagic septicemia was detected in yellow perch, a popular sport fish, a week after being found in the carcasses of round gobies washed up in South Milwaukee, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. The disease, first recorded in the Great Lakes three years ago, is found in many species of freshwater fish but is not harmful to humans. Randy Schumacher, a regional...

2008-06-14 21:00:08

An expert on fish disease blames warmer water in the Yukon River for a parasite that has been killing Alaskan salmon. The problem is white spot disease, which is caused by Ichthyophonus hoferi, a parasite that has played havoc with herring stocks in Scandinavia, the Los Angeles Times reports. Fish infected with the parasite do not smell right when caught, have flesh that turns mealy and do not cure properly. Richard Kocan of the University of Washington, who began studying salmon in the...

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2005-06-02 09:22:27

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar, from the Latin words "Salmo" meaning salmon, and "salar" meaning "leaper") is a species of fish in the Salmonidae found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in rivers that flow into the Atlantic. It breeds in the rivers of Western Europe from northern Portugal north to arctic Norway, Iceland, Greenland, and the east coast of North America from Connecticut in the United States north to northern Labrador in arctic Canada. At sea, it is found mainly in the waters...

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