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Evidence Found Of Ancient Deep Sea Fishing By Humans
2011-11-25 09:51:37

An Australian archaeologist has discovered ancient fish bones in a cave in East Timor -- a small island country northeast of Australia in the Lesser Sunda Islands -- that contain the ancient remains of more than 38,000 fish bones from nearly 2,900 individual fish, a sign that humans may have gone deep-sea fishing as many as 42,000 years ago. Among the fish bones were those of tuna and shark, clearly brought to the cave -- called Jerimalai -- by human hands. And to back that up, the...

2011-06-09 08:19:02

By Eric Stroud, Shark Defense SMART Hookâ“ž¢ combines two shark repellent technologies into standard fishing hooks in order to reduce the number of sharks caught from commercial fishing Scientists have developed a new type of fishing hook to reduce the number of sharks accidently caught from commercial fishing. The special hook, called SMART Hookâ“ž¢ (Selective Magnetic and Repellent-Treated Hook), combines two shark repellent...

2009-11-10 10:09:00

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- FLW Outdoors, the world's leading tournament fishing organization, announced Tuesday that Rapala will become an official sponsor of FLW Outdoors in 2010. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. "Rapala's name is synonymous with fishing and their partnership with FLW Outdoors is a natural fit," said Trisha Blake, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of FLW Outdoors. "We look forward to a long-term relationship with them." As part of...

2008-10-04 00:00:13

By Jeff Leonard While working in the Sugar Lake area last week, Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Agent Steve Nichols ran into a Missouri angler with not one but four great fish stories and some arms that ached from handling a fishing rod. Millard McGlothen of Kansas City and his buddy had hooked up his boat and drove to the lake in hopes of snagging a few buffalo or other non-game fish, but what ended up at the end of their lines put them and their equipment to the ultimate test....

2008-07-06 18:00:15

By Frank Sargeant, Tampa Tribune, Fla. Jul. 6--There is a lot of confusion floating around the docks on the new reef fish rules that went into effect on June 1. Basically, the rule states that circle hooks must be used for all reef species (i.e., groupers and snappers) wherever they are caught, and that all anglers fishing for reef fish must carry and use dehooking devices and venting tools in state and federal waters. But what exactly is a circle hook? Here's the scoop, directly from...

2008-02-10 12:00:00

No matter how you present them, dead shrimp are undoubtedly one of the most effective natural baits a South Mississippi angler can toss into our coastal waters. Yes, live shrimp are top-notch offerings, but the scent oozing from a dead shrimp can be better than the live ones at times under certain conditions. Let's take for example the conditions we're facing at this time with rivers and bays being heavily influenced by all the latest rainfall. With water conditions having the look of...

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