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2008-09-26 09:00:25

By Damien Murray Folk luminaries Eliza Carthy and Andy Irvine are down by the Fermanagh lakes while, up in the city, the spirit of the wild lives on with a rendition of Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys.

2008-09-25 06:00:18

By Jenny Haworth ALMOST a million tonnes of fish are discarded in the North Sea every year, The Scotsman can reveal - about 100,000 tonnes by Scottish boats.

2008-09-22 00:00:23

By Jennifer Gomez KAMPUNG GAJAH: Fisherman Muhammad Isa had a better than usual day last Monday from his day out in the river - he managed to haul in a 7kg patin (silver catfish), the only fish he caught from the outing.

2008-09-02 00:00:00

By MIKE BYRNE Rescuers plucked a fisherman from almost certain death after he plunged in to the River Teign. The fisherman from Exeter, who has not been named, was wearing full body waders - which had filled with water and threatened to send him to the bottom.

2008-09-01 09:00:15

FEDERAL SUBSIDIES BOSTON - Owners of commercial fishing boats that are based at South Shore ports are expected to get more than $1 million from the recent federal aid package that's being distributed to commercial fishermen.

2008-08-26 15:00:39

By RILKOFF, Matt The next time you wince at the price of fish, spare a thought for the people who troll the deep. Matt Rilkoff spends a day crayfishing. ----------------------------------------------- OCTOPUS are the natural enemy of crayfish.

2008-08-04 14:46:09

Experts are still debating the cause of the drop in tuna catches across the Indian Ocean over the last two years — which continue to threaten the region’s $6 billion industry.

2008-08-04 12:00:46

By Michelle Dupler, Tri-City Herald, Kennewick, Wash. Aug. 4--David Arnold wonders what the world would be like if small, local food producers were lost.

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2012-06-28 20:59:54

The greater bulldog bat (Noctilio leporinus), also known as the fisherman bat, is native to Latin America. Its range extends from Mexico to northern Argentina, and includes most of the Caribbean Islands. Despite its large range, its distribution is fragmented due to its preferred habitats with an abundance of water. The greater bulldog bat is threatened by deforestation, water pollution, and changing water levels, but with no immediate danger and a large range, the IUCN has placed it as a...

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