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2006-05-10 18:02:27

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - A Greek fisherman has handed over to authorities a large section of an ancient bronze statue brought up in his nets in the Aegean Sea, officials said on Monday. The male torso was located last week near the eastern Aegean island of Kalymnos, the Culture Ministry said in an announcement. The one-meter (3-foot) high find belonged to a statue of a horseback soldier, and would have been part of the cargo of an ancient ship that sank in the area. It was taken to Athens to be...

2006-04-15 20:05:00

By Euan Denholm GGABA, Uganda -- Sitting alone in a short wooden boat, Ugandan fisherman Mike Selwanga hauls his nets in one-by-one -- only to find them all empty. Buffeted by the heaviest rains he has seen in months, the 29-year-old rows back to shore, deep in thought about how to find other work to feed his family. All the fishermen at the small Lake Victoria port of Ggaba, 10 km (6 miles) south of the capital Kampala, say they are seeing smaller and smaller catches. Selwanga set out at...

2006-04-09 22:04:37

By Nick Tattersall NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) - Harouna Diop remembers the days when there were only six small wooden fishing boats working the waters off Nouakchott's barren coastline. Just hours at sea in one of the richest fishing grounds in the world were enough to fill the long, brightly-colored vessels with sardinella, horse mackerel, snapper and tuna. Nowadays his son can spend a week on the water and still struggle to catch enough fish to earn a living. He and his fellow fishermen...

2006-02-20 08:25:00

By Andrew Stern CHICAGO -- Fish that leap into passing boats may be a fisherman's fantasy, but scientists fear that hyperactive Asian carp will reach the U.S. Great Lakes, devour the base of the food chain and spoil drinking water for 40 million people. In less than a decade since escaping southern U.S. fish farms, the hardy and voracious carp have come to dominate sections of the Mississippi River and its tributaries. "It is a crisis," said Phil Moy of the University of Wisconsin and the...

2006-01-19 02:20:00

By Isabel Reynolds TOKYO -- A slimy jellyfish weighing as much as a sumo wrestler has Japan's fishing industry in the grip of its poisonous tentacles. Vast numbers of Echizen kurage, or Nomura's jellyfish, have appeared around Japan's coast since July, clogging and ripping fishing nets and forcing fishermen to spend hours hacking them apart before bringing home their reduced catches. Representatives of fishing communities around the country gathered in Tokyo on Thursday, hoping to thrash out...

2005-11-18 08:07:39

By Timothy Gardner ASTORIA, Ore (Reuters) - A state employee wielding a wooden club walked the slippery docks looking for a sea lion oozing blood from a gunshot wound. "Have you seen the stinky one?" the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife worker asked a visitor after shooing a gaggle of California sea lions weighing up to 800 pounds (365 kg) off the slick slats. "He was here a few days ago. Somebody shot him and now he's rotting from the inside." Officials didn't know who shot...

2005-10-07 07:47:52

By Bill Tarrant THARANGAMBADI, India (Reuters) - New fiberglass fishing boats stretch as far as the eye can see along the beach in this former Danish colony in southern India, where the December 26 tsunami swept children, homes and livelihoods out to sea. The names painted on the boats attest to the breadth of the response to one of nature's most ferocious episodes: Oklahoma City Church of Christ, the Indian Temple Association of New Jersey and the American Embassy School in New...

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Greater Bulldog Bat, Noctilio leporinus
2012-06-28 20:59:54

The greater bulldog bat (Noctilio leporinus), also known as the fisherman bat, is native to Latin America. Its range extends from Mexico to northern Argentina, and includes most of the Caribbean Islands. Despite its large range, its distribution is fragmented due to its preferred habitats with an abundance of water. The greater bulldog bat is threatened by deforestation, water pollution, and changing water levels, but with no immediate danger and a large range, the IUCN has placed it as a...

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