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2010-03-05 07:06:00

COOPER CITY, Fla., March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- There are many churches doing Live Internet Services but Flamingo Road Church is taking it to a whole new social level with a Social Network Application.

2009-07-30 09:00:00

LAS VEGAS, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Flamingo Las Vegas announces that America's favorite brother-sister duo, Donny & Marie, have extended their contract as the resort's headliners for an additional two years, through Oct. 2012.

2009-06-05 13:11:13

A Chinese nature photographer is the first from his country to be named a Climate Hero by the United Nations Environment program. Luo Hong, 42, was honored Thursday as a person who has undertaken exceptional personal feats, high-profile expeditions or other acts of environmental activism, said Achim

2008-11-19 21:21:50

Officials with a Des Moines, Iowa, zoo say a Chilean flamingo that escaped from its enclosure was found six hours later on a golf course. Blank Park Zoo officials said the flamingo's escape Tuesday was only the second time one of the colorful birds had gotten away in the 40-year history of the zoo, and both times the birds were found at the nearby A.H.

2008-10-27 09:00:25

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Flamingo Las Vegas announces that America's favorite brother-sister duo, Donny & Marie, will extend their contract as the resort's headliners for two years, through Oct. 2010. The show opened on Sept. 9, 2008 to a packed house and has since continued the momentum.

2008-09-12 09:40:00

The Bahamian island of Great Inagua is known for its old salt plant and its large flamingo flock, but after Hurricane Ike stormed through last week, the flamingos may be gone for good.

2008-09-08 18:00:20

By TIA MITCHELL The Flamingo Lake RV Resort on Jacksonville's Northside is built around a spring-fed lake with a sandy beach and bass ready for catching. But what lies just beyond the tree line - or what could - troubles Mike Fisher, the resort's marketing director and a part owner.

2008-08-31 00:00:30

A rtists come from all walks of life and from many parts of the world, as the exhibition now on at Delamore, Cornwood, confirms.

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2006-02-20 14:16:20

The Caribbean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) is a large species of flamingo closely related to the Greater Flamingo and the Chilean Flamingo. It breeds in the Galapagos Islands, coastal Colombia and Venezuela as well as nearby islands, the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and in the northern Caribbean in the Bahamas, Hispaniola, Cuba and Turks and Caicos. Most sightings in southern Florida are of escapes, although some may be genuine wanderers from Cuba. Their habitat is similar to that of...

2006-02-20 14:10:33

The Chilean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis) is a large species (110-130 cm) that is closely related to Caribbean Flamingo and the Greater Flamingo. It occurs in temperate South America and, like all other flamingo species it lays a single chalky white egg on a mud mound. The plumage is pinker than the slightly larger Greater Flamingo, but less so than Caribbean Flamingo. It can be differentiated from these species by its grayish legs with pink "knees", and also by the larger amount...

2006-02-20 13:55:20

The Lesser Flamingo (Phoenicopterus minor) is a species of Flamingo which occurs in Africa (principally in the Great Rift Valley), across to northwest India. It is the smallest and most numerous flamingo, most likely numbering up to a million individual birds. Like all flamingos it lays a single chalky white egg on a mud mound. Most of the plumage is pinkish white. Its clearest difference from the Greater Flamingo is the much more extensive black on the bill. Size is less helpful unless...

2006-02-20 13:48:18

The Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) is the most prevalent species of the Flamingo family. It is found in parts of Africa, southwest Asia (including Turkey), southern Asia (coastal regions of India) and southern Europe (including Spain and the Camargue region of France). Some populations are even short distance migrants. This rather large species averages 120 to 140 cm tall and is closely related to the Caribbean Flamingo and Chilean Flamingo, with which it is sometimes considered...

2006-02-20 13:43:02

Flamingos (genus Phoenicopterus monotypic in family Phoenicopteridae) are sociable wading birds, usually 3"“5 feet in height, and are found in both the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. They are more numerous in the latter, but there are four species in the Americas against two in the Old World. Physiology The larger species breed and feed in saline or brackish habitats. Their compact, mud nests are in the form of a mound with a concave top, into which the female lays a single white...

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