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2008-07-24 15:00:00

By Sarah Howden CUT this out, declare the nutritional gurus. Avoid that at all costs. Reduce anything and everything. And don't even think about indulgent treats. While we all know that fruit, veg, lean meat and fish are good for us, a little bit of the naughty isn't that sinful.

2008-07-02 16:35:00

More evidence for the beneficial effect of green tea on risk factors for heart disease has emerged in a new study reported in the latest issue of European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.

2008-06-03 06:00:24

By Robertson, D Ross Smith-Vaniz, William F Coral reefs, one of the most biologically diverse and important ecosystems on Earth, are experiencing unprecedented and increasing ecological decline, yet the fish faunas of such reefs and other tropical shoreline habitats remain poorly known in many areas.

2008-04-10 10:10:00

If you are getting forgetful as you get older, then a research team from the University of Reading and the Peninsula Medical School in the South West of England may have good news for you.

2006-06-27 16:25:00

By Martha Kerr NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Silibinin, a drug derived from milk thistle, destroys lung cancer in mice, investigators at the University of Colorado, Denver report in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Lead investigator Dr. Rana P.

2005-12-21 18:10:00

Just in time for the candy-clogged holidays, a new Swiss study finds a little dark chocolate each day could slow hardening of the arteries in smokers.

2005-09-28 16:30:00

Phytochemicals known as flavanols, which are found in chocolate, fruits and vegetables, can boost the levels of nitric oxide in the blood of smokers and reverse some of their smoking-related impairment in blood vessel function, according to a new study in the Oct. 4, 2005, issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

2005-08-24 16:34:23

Neuroscientists from the University at Buffalo have described for the first time how rotenone, an environmental toxin linked specifically to Parkinson's disease, selectively destroys the neurons that produce dopamine, the neurotransmitter critical to body movement and muscle control.

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