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2009-06-26 08:15:38

We can only marvel at the way that dolphins, whales and porpoises scythe through water. Their finlike flippers seem perfectly adapted for maximum aquatic agility. However, no one had ever analysed how the animals' flippers interact with water; the hydrodynamic lift that they generate, the drag that they experience or their hydrodynamic efficiency. Laurens Howle and Paul Weber from Duke University teamed up with Mark Murray from the United States Naval Academy and Frank Fish from West Chester...

2009-06-14 23:05:00

When dolphins tire of manmade toys, they have no problem with using baby sharks as a volleyball, officials at a Florida research center said. The activity triggers a scramble for staff to rescue the sharks at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, 58 miles north of Key West, Media Relations Coordinator Mary Stella told UPI on a recent visit. The center has 90,000 square feet of lagoons on the Gulf of Mexico. Staff developed a plastic mesh that is used as fencing to keep the center's 19...

2008-07-06 15:00:19

By Douglas Hanks, The Miami Herald Jul. 6--In real life, secret agent Michael Westen's home sits on city-owned property by Biscayne Bay. His handlers are fending off accusations of a sweetheart deal for the space. The Burn Notice series took over Miami's vacant Coconut Grove Convention Center in April 2007. Inside, stagehands built sets for Westen's loft and his mother's cluttered bungalow. Outside, amid shell cargo containers made by the prop department, fans will recognize...

2008-02-28 12:35:00

A group of medical professionals in Texas hope to attach a prosthetic flipper to an injured sea turtle found by tourists.The disabled Atlantic green sea turtle, named Allison after one of the tourists' daughter, was found with only one of four flippers remaining. Workers at Sea Turtle Inc., a 31-year-old nonprofit turtle conservation facility, helped nurse the turtle back to a reasonable size and weight, although having only one flipper has made it very difficult for it return to the sea."The...

2006-09-25 08:00:00

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- The news from Indian River Lagoon was too familiar: another dolphin gravely injured because of human action. But marine scientist Steve McCulloch immediately saw this rescue was unique. The baby bottlenose dolphin lost her tail, but perhaps her life could be saved. McCulloch, director of dolphin and whale research at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, decided to channel his anger into a solution. The solution for the dolphin - dubbed Winter - may be a prosthetic...

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2006-02-20 11:40:25

The White-Flippered Penguin (Eudyptula albosignata) is the smallest species of penguin found in New Zealand. It nests only on Banks Peninsula and Motunau Island and is considered to be endangered with only around 3,750 breeding pairs. It is often considered to be a sub-species of the Little Penguin or even a mere variation of that species. Typically growing to 30 centimeters tall and weighing 1.5kg, it gains its name from the white markings on its flippers, unique to the species.

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