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Genetic Mosaic Of DNA Revealed
2012-11-19 05:42:39

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A new study of stem cells derived from skin tissue has challenged the commonly held notion that a person's cells all share the same DNA sequence, arguing instead that genetic variation may occur to a greater extent than experts had previously believed. Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine set out to challenge the theory that human cells are comprised of identical genetic material, and that a body's functions are governed by...

2005-06-28 16:30:00

Infants born prematurely and with hypoxia--inadequate oxygen to the blood--are able to recover some cells, volume and weight in the brain after oxygen supply is restored, Yale School of Medicine researchers report in Experimental Neurology. Working with mice reared in a low-oxygen environment from three to 11 days after birth, the researchers found that about 30 percent of the cortical neurons were lost from the injury. But this damage was transient. The lost cortical neuron number, volume...

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