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2012-06-12 23:03:28

ExactSource’s “Name the Purple Squirrel” Contest is officially over.

2009-08-24 09:06:18

The sensational Internet popularity of a photo of a squirrel has prompted American Airlines to reuse a commercial featuring a squirrel, the airline says. Dan Garton, executive vice president of marketing at American, says the carrier will this fall will reintroduce a humorous commercial it used this spring about a temperamental director shooting an ad about scooter-riding squirrels, the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram reported. The move comes after the amazing popularity of a photo taken by...

2009-04-24 18:40:37

A Michigan teacher guiding students around the University of Michigan campus was attacked by an irate squirrel when she tried to help one of its young. The teacher, from Detroit, spotted the squirrels Thursday as she ushered her students through a campus tour, The Ann Arbor News reported Friday.

2009-03-13 15:13:11

A Chicago researcher said he is seeking local volunteers to help track an important ecosystem indicator -- the squirrel population. Steve Sullivan, curator of urban ecology at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, said he is seeking at least 5,000 citizen scientists in the Chicago area to participate in Project Squirrel by documenting the number and species of squirrels in their neighborhoods four times a year, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday. Your kids can participate, he said.

2008-08-27 00:00:24

By Ken Ward Jr. Against the advice of outside experts, the Bush administration today will formally remove the West Virginia northern flying squirrel from the endangered species list.

2008-08-27 00:00:24

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The West Virginia northern flying squirrel is gliding off the federal endangered species list after more than two decades of protection.

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2006-12-13 15:54:23

The flying squirrels, scientifically known as Pteromyini or Petauristini, are a tribe of squirrel (family Sciuridae). There are 43 species in this tribe, the largest of which is the woolly flying squirrel (Eupetaurus cinereus). The 2 species of the genus Glaucomys (Glaucomys sabrinus and Glaucomys volans) are native to North America. It is these that are commonly meant when the name "flying squirrel" is used in English. The term "flying" is somewhat of an inappropriate, since flying...

2005-06-02 11:27:37

The northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) is one of two species of the genus Glaucomys, the only flying squirrels found in North America. The other is the somewhat smaller southern flying squirrel (G. volans). The Northern flying squirrel is found in coniferous and mixed forests across the top of North America, from Alaska to Nova Scotia, south to North Carolina and west to northern California. Two subspecies are found in the southern Appalachians, the Carolina northern flying...

2005-06-02 08:13:15

The southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans) is one of two species of the genus Glaucomys, the only flying squirrels found in North America (the other is the somewhat larger northern flying squirrel, G. sabrinus). It is found in deciduous and mixed woods in eastern North America, from southern Ontario, southeast Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada, to Ohio and Maine in the USA and into Mexico as well as relict populations in Central America. They have grey-brown fur on top with darker...

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