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2008-08-29 07:45:00

Ever feel the frustration of failing to swat a fly? Well, researchers say they've solved the mystery. A U.S.-based study found the fly's ability to stay alive is due to its fast acting brain and an uncanny ability to plan ahead. The research noted that at the faintest hint of a threat, the insects adjust their preflight stance to flee in the opposite direction, ensuring a clean getaway. The study said this explains why flies so easily evade swipes from their human foes. "These movements are...

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2010-11-15 17:25:25

A flyswatter, usually consisting of a small rectangular sheet of flexible material, is a handheld device for smashing flies and other insects. The material is vented, thus reducing wind drag making it move faster in order to hit the target. The beginning flyswatters were just a striking surface attached to the end of a long stick. Dr. Samuel Crumbine was trying to raise awareness of the fly problem in Kansas in 1905 when he coined the term "swat the fly". Frank H. Rose created the "fly...

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