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2009-08-14 14:27:46

The U.S. horse-breeding organization, The Jockey Club, says the 2010 crop of Thoroughbred foals could be the smallest in at least 33 years. Matt Iuliano, vice president of registration services for the official registrar for Thoroughbred breeding, said in a statement recent reports from mare breeders indicate only 30,000 foals may be registered in 2010, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal said Friday. The predicted 2010 total of 30,000 would be the lowest foal tally since 1976 when 28,809...

2009-08-14 13:55:08

A foal named Mira is believed to be the first born from a dead mare whose eggs were extracted for remote fertilization, scientists in New York said. Rebaqua, a champion barrel-racer, died nearly a year ago of a ruptured intestine at Cornell University Hospital for Animals in Ithaca, N.Y. Her daughter, Mira, was born Aug. 4 after veterinarian Sylvia Bedford-Guaus and her team microscopically scraped the walls of the dead mare's follicles to collect her eggs, Cornell said in a release Friday....

2009-05-06 19:41:08

A horse put down after breaking a leg during a tornado in Colorado produced progeny almost a year after her death through surrogate mothers, her owner says. Two foals were born in April, KUSA-TV in Denver reported. They were conceived through in vitro fertilization at the Colorado State University Equine Reproduction Laboratory and carried by surrogate mares. Jennifer Mears, who owned the foals' mother, brought them back to her ranch in Lucerne in northern Colorado this Tuesday. Tuesday, an...

2006-03-31 17:21:08

OCALA, Fla. (AP) - A syndrome that can cause pregnant mares to abort their foals has been confirmed in at least one Florida horse, several years after a devastating outbreak of the disease in Kentucky's thoroughbreds. Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome was detected in an Alachua County horse euthanized on March 18 at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center, marking the state's first appearance of the condition. Three other cases are under investigation as being consistent with the...

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