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2014-02-12 23:28:07

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer, Air-Care, has brought to market the world’s first dual tank ULV fogging machine.

Bug Bombs Ineffective Against Bedbugs, But Booze May Help
2012-06-04 08:52:50

Commonly used bug bomb foggers used to rid homes of bedbugs have proven ineffective against the tiny blood-sucking insects, according to researchers of a new study published in the Journal of Economic Entomology.

2011-09-24 08:23:27

Improper use of insecticides to kill bedbugs resulted in 80 illnesses and one fatality over a three-year period.

2008-11-19 21:50:27

Health officials in Washington state say dozens of illnesses and injuries due to exposure to bug bombs have been reported since 2005. The Department of Health issued a public warning last month, saying many people aren't aware the products can be a health risk. Health officials said the most common mistakes consumers make include using too many foggers in an area, not following directions on re-entry and ventilation and leaving foggers in reach of young children. The Department of Health said...

2008-08-04 09:05:00

Some pesticides very commonly used by homeowners and farmers alike may not be as safe as previously thought.

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