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2014-04-23 16:25:57

PBS science series NOVA launches the RNA Lab, built in partnership with the groundbreaking citizen science game Eterna. BOSTON, April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time in its 41-year history, NOVA--the most popular science series on American television--is inviting audiences not just to learn about scientific discovery, but to take part in it. The latest initiative in the growing NOVA Labs citizen science platform--an RNA Lab available free online at...

Citizen Science Highlighted By Major News Magazine
2012-11-15 14:27:45

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Over the last decade, there has been a rapid growth in "citizen science" projects, allowing more and more science enthusiasts, hobbyists, students and other ordinary people to participate in the excitement of real-world scientific research and help solve serious scientific mysteries. This month's cover story in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly news magazine of the American Chemical Society, is all about...

Gamers Crack AIDS Enzyme That Had Stumped Scientists
2011-09-19 04:51:58

  Video game players have successfully pieced together the structure of a retrovirus enzyme that causes an AIDS-like ailment in rhesus monkeys--an enzyme whose configuration had stumped scientists from more than a decade, according to various reports. The feat, which is the topic of a paper published online in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology on Sunday, was accomplished by players on a collaborative computer title called Foldit. Launched by the University of...

2010-08-05 14:55:12

Biochemists and computer scientists at the University of Washington two years ago launched an ambitious project harnessing the brainpower of computer gamers to solve medical problems. The game, Foldit, turns one of the hardest problems in molecular biology into a game a bit reminiscent of Tetris. Thousands of people have now played a game that asks them to fold a protein rather than stack colored blocks or rescue a princess. Results published Thursday (Aug. 5) in the journal Nature show that...

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