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2013-09-03 23:23:50

In response to an article published on The Kansas City Star, Colle Farmers Market, an online farmers market, discusses the growing acceptance of food stamps at local farmers markets.

2009-11-28 09:15:00

According to a recent study, nearly half of all US kids will receive government food stamps at some point during their childhood, reports the Associated Press.

2009-11-03 06:05:00

With the present recession in tow, the number of children on food stamps is expected to increase.

2009-10-08 10:59:29

The US House set aside $82.8 billion for federal nutrition programs like food stamps and hot lunches on Wednesday, including an arrangement to pay poor families for lunches the students miss during flu epidemics.

2009-08-12 07:45:17

A helping hand from the government may be playing a role in the obesity epidemic.

2009-08-11 09:52:10

The use of food stamps is associated with weight gain in women, but U.S. researchers say they don't know exactly why.

2009-08-10 12:10:00

The U.S. Food Stamp Program may help contribute to obesity among its users, according to a new nationwide study that followed participants for 14 years.

2009-07-29 15:45:33

The record number of U.S.

2008-08-01 09:00:46

By Christian Palmer The federal government presented the state Department of Economic Security a check for $2 million on July 28 as a reward for improving the distribution of food stamps. DES improved its error rate to 4.87 percent in 2007 from its 8.68 error rate during the prior year.

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