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2006-02-06 17:06:04

By Alan Elsner WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Statue of Liberty still proclaims, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," but human rights activists say the traditional U.S. role in accepting people fleeing persecution has been badly eroded in recent years.

2006-01-27 07:51:26

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United Nations said on Friday that 14 of the 183 Sudanese detained in Egypt deserve refugee status, but urged authorities not to deport any of the jailed group due to instability in their homeland.

2006-01-06 11:12:15

CAIRO (Reuters) - The U.N. refugee agency said on Friday it had interviewed most of some 600 Sudanese whom Egypt wants to deport because it says they are illegal immigrants. The U.N.

2006-01-03 14:53:17

By Mohammed Abbas and Samer Elatrash CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt plans to expel about 650 Sudanese, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday, despite assuring the United Nations' refugee agency it would not do so after at least 27 refugees were killed last week when police ended a protest.

2006-01-03 11:16:13

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt plans to repatriate 645 Sudanese refugees, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

2006-01-03 09:54:30

By Mohammed Abbas and Samer Elatrash CAIRO (Reuters) - The United Nations' refugee agency has received assurances from Egypt that Sudanese refugees would not be deported to Sudan despite media reports to the contrary, a spokesperson for the agency said on Tuesday.

2005-12-31 07:37:52

CAIRO (Reuters) - The international rights group Human Rights Watch called for an independent investigation into the death of 23 Sudanese refugees when Egyptian police stormed their squatter camp in Cairo on Friday.

2005-12-30 15:33:37

By Samer Elatrash CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian riot police on Friday stormed a protest camp in Cairo set up by thousands of Sudanese refugees, sparking clashes that left 23 Sudanese dead, officials and witnesses said.

2005-12-30 12:58:19

By Samer Elatrash CAIRO (Reuters) - Some 2,000 Egyptian riot police stormed a camp of Sudanese refugees on Friday, sparking clashes that left at least 20 Sudanese dead and more than 100 police and others injured, officials and witnesses said.

2005-12-30 09:22:48

By Samer Elatrash CAIRO (Reuters) - At least 10 Sudanese refugees died and around 50 were injured on Friday when Egyptian police dispersed a three-month sit-in by thousands of Sudanese demanding to be moved to another country, officials said.

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