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2008-08-11 09:01:24

New tech reveals fingerprint's chemical makeup WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- U.S. researchers have developed a new technique for analyzing fingerprints that reveals, in high detail, the chemical compounds that make up the print. Researchers from Purdue University reported the detail of their new tech on Thursday in the Aug. 8 issue of Science. This method can be used directly on a fingerprint, right where it is found, without the need to lift the print off and take it to a lab for...

2008-08-07 18:00:00

By Christopher Knox THE new chief executive of a company that develops fingerprint technology to help catch criminals has said it is poised to float on the stock market. Sedgefield-based ROAR Particles believes it could become a plc before the end of the year after working with police forces across the world to develop its product. In September, it will hear the results of police trials in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Scotland, which it hopes will provide the springboard it needs...

2008-08-07 16:10:00

Scientists have developed new ways to retrieve even more information from fingerprints, resulting in better chances for forensic researchers to solve mysteries like the anthrax attacks or JonBenet Ramsey's murder. Chemist R. Graham Cooks of Purdue University in West Lafayette, said one example might be if a person handled cocaine, explosives or other materials, there could be enough left in a fingerprint to identify them. Max M. Houck, director of West Virginia University's Forensic Science...

2008-07-29 00:25:00

Researchers are shooting aerial photos of dinosaur tracks near southern Utah's Coral Pink Sand Dunes in hopes of learning more about the large animals that left them behind millions of years ago. Scientists crisscrossed the Moccasin Mountain track site shooting photos of fossilized footprints in a specially equipped helicopter. According to Bureau of Land Management paleontologist Alan Titus, it's the first time a helicopter has been used to take detailed images of the site. The tracks were...

2008-07-28 03:00:29

MILLIONS of people flying from British airports will be fingerprinted from next year. The latest Government anti-terror plans are being introduced despite opposition from the Information Commissioner, Britain's privacy watchdog. Scanners will let domestic and international passengers mix. Critics say the main reason is so airports can profit from passengers mixing in shopping areas. (c) 2008 Daily Record; Glasgow (UK). Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

2008-07-07 09:00:00

U.S. scientists say evidence found recently in Ohio and Indiana supports the theory of a giant object exploding 12,900 years ago over Canada. That theory -- advanced by geophysicist Allen West -- posits a comet or asteroid exploded just above the Earth's surface over what is now Canada, setting large parts of the northern hemisphere ablaze. The new evidence was discovered by University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor Ken Tankersley, working with West and Indiana Geological Society...

2008-07-02 06:00:38

By Thomas Frank WASHINGTON -- Key members of Congress are siding with the airline industry and moving to block the administration from forcing airlines to take fingerprints of foreign visitors before they fly home. The opposition is setting up a clash over a final Bush administration effort to tighten security and immigration by keeping better track of when visitors leave the country. U.S. and foreign airlines say fingerprinting 33 million visitors a year would devastate them...

2008-06-02 09:45:00

University of Leicester and Northamptonshire Police research reveals new techniques for identifying prints on metalForensic scientists at the University of Leicester, working with Northamptonshire Police, have announced a major breakthrough in crime detection which could lead to hundreds of cold cases being reopened.The University's Forensic Research Centre has been working with Northamptonshire Police's scientific support unit to develop new ways of taking fingerprints from a crime...

2008-04-07 09:30:00

Scientists in Texas are reporting development of an highly dependable, rapid, and inexpensive new method for identifying the presence of gunshot residue (GSR). The test fills a GSR-detection gap that results from wider use of "green" "” lead free "” ammunition.It requires only a single speck of GSR smaller than the period at the end of this sentence and could boost the accuracy of one of the most widely used tests employed at crime scenes involving gunplay. In a poster presented...

2007-10-30 15:53:56

DENVER -- A rock that sat untouched in a Pennsylvania museum's fossil collection for years has rare full-body imprints of not just one, but three, ancient amphibians. Researchers found the imprints in sandstone rocks collected in eastern Pennsylvania decades ago and stored in the museum in Reading, Pa. The body impressions of the salamander-like creatures are estimated to be 330 million years old, or about 100 million years before the first dinosaurs appeared. Many ancient footprints have...

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