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2008-10-08 12:00:24

Home Media Magazine once again takes an in-depth look at the high-definition disc market with HD-3, the third annual High-Def Conference the magazine has produced on behalf of the home entertainment industry. This one-day event, which will be held Nov. 11, 2008 in Los Angeles, is the first since the format war ended and Blu-ray Disc emerged victorious as the single unified high-definition disc standard. This year the focus will be on the big studio plans for the fourth quarter--plans...

2008-01-05 12:25:00

Warner Bros. opts to back the Blu-ray high-def DVD format in a decision that could drive consumers away from the rival standard, HD DVD The battle to determine the future of the DVD may be coming to an end. In a blow to Toshiba's (TOSBF) HD DVD movie format, Warner Bros. Entertainment (TWX) announced on Jan. 4 that it plans to begin releasing high-definition movies exclusively in the Blu-ray format backed by Sony (SNE) and dozens of consumer electronics and PC industry titans. Warner's...

2007-01-11 14:25:00

By GARY GENTILE, AP Business Writer LAS VEGAS - In a city built on wagering, the smart money is staying on the sidelines when it comes to the battle between two high-definition DVD formats. The first shots between Blu-ray, backed by a Sony-led consortium, and HD DVD, whose group is led by Toshiba Corp., were fired last year when the formats made their splashy debuts at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Analysts and executives thought that by this year's show, there would be a clear...

2006-08-11 19:00:00

LONDON -- The battle between two hyped formats for high-definition DVD will confuse shoppers and turn many of them off the whole technology, a London-based research firm predicted on Friday. Market research analyst Screen Digest also forecast that only $11 billion of the total $39 billion expected to be spent on video discs by 2010 in the United States, Europe and Japan will be generated by the competing high-definition formats, Sony Corp.-backed (6758.T) Blu-ray and Toshiba-supported...

2006-06-19 00:25:00

By Chris M. Walsh NEW YORK -- The next-generation DVD format war limps on in the coming weeks as Blu-ray -- one of two formats vying to become the high-definition standard -- officially launches its first player and titles. The launch previously was pegged for May 23 but pushed to late June so studios and hardware companies could better coordinate a kickoff. The first wave of titles will arrive June 20 from Sony Pictures/MGM Home Entertainment, with more following in the coming weeks from...

2006-03-24 06:45:00

LOS ANGELES -- Consumers about to face a confusing and expensive choice between two conflicting standards for high-definition DVDs will face further costs to upgrade their entertainment systems if they want to enjoy all the benefits of the new movie players. Hollywood and electronics makers have aligned themselves behind two warring formats called Blu-ray, led by Sony Corp., and HD DVD, championed by Toshiba Corp., which on Thursday said it may delay its launch from late March to mid-April....

2006-01-09 06:35:00

LAS VEGAS -- Consumers, confused over the brewing battle between next-generation DVD technologies, are not alone: top U.S. electronics retailers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas called the war "nightmarishly unfriendly" and "stupid." Stores like Best Buy, Circuit City and closely held CompUSA may sell millions of devices, either HD DVD or its rival, Blu-ray, and some day one version could be obsolete, drawing the ire of their customers. What's more, many will chose not to buy...

2005-11-30 09:13:25

LOS ANGELES -- The Blu-ray DVD group said on Tuesday it still planned to roll out a high-definition disc format in spring 2006, though members of the consortium led by Sony Corp. said they would unveil specific launch plans at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. "We're sticking with the spring time frame," said Andy Parsons, a spokesman for Blu-ray, at a demonstration of the new high-capacity DVD format. Blu-Ray is vying with a competing format known as HD DVD, championed by a...

2005-10-22 03:05:00

LOS ANGELES -- Hollywood is gearing up for an ugly war over rival DVD formats, but the real battle may be in keeping customers hooked on physical discs at all. "The irony of this format war is that it comes at the tail end of the century-long era of physical media," said Ted Schadler, analyst with Forrester Research. "While a high-definition video format does bring benefits over today's standard-definition discs, in movies as in music consumers are moving beyond shiny discs," said Schadler....

2005-10-19 15:30:00

LOS ANGELES -- Technology group Forrester Research on Wednesday declared Blu-Ray, a new DVD format backed by electronics makers led by Sony Corp as the winner in a heated battle over next-generation DVD technology. "Two groups are competing for control of high-definition DVD formats to be launched in the spring of 2006. After a long and tedious run up to launch, it is now clear to Forrester that the Sony-led Blu-Ray format will win," said Forrester Research analyst Ted Schadler in a report....

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