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2014-06-04 15:23:01

Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press) This week in Molecular Biology and Evolution The social insects, including bees, wasps, ants and termites have developed a highly advanced society where division of labor amongst workers to serve the queen's reproduction has long fascinated biologists who have wanted to uncover the molecular pathways driving the complex behavior of insect societies. In the advanced online edition of Molecular Biology and Evolution, Claire...

Social Networks Provide Clues To Natural Selection
2012-02-01 05:04:07

Think of them as a group of guys, hanging out together, but not spending much time with the ladies, nor getting much "action." Except these "guys" are forked fungus beetles. Forked what? Yes, forked fungus beetles. Like other insects and animals, they have their own societies. Most are highly social, but some hang out in small guy groups. It turns out, maybe not surprisingly, that the cliquish ones — the small groups of male beetles that live on the fringes of society with their...

2011-06-30 07:00:00

CINCINNATI, June 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The green building market is booming, and the demand for sustainable materials is high. Formica Corporation is meeting that demand with its all-new e Series Solid Surfacing, the first major branded solid surfacing material to contain post-consumer recycled content. Each sheet of e Series Solid Surfacing has been certified to contain 15 percent total recycled content - 10 percent pre-consumer and 5 percent post-consumer. Pre-consumer recycled...

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