Latest Foxconn Stories

Foxconn To Expand North American Operations
2012-12-09 06:57:38

In the wake of reports that Apple would begin manufacturing some of their Mac computers in the US starting in 2013, Foxconn Technology Group has announced plans to expand their North American operations.

China Paper Says iPhone 5S Coming Soon
2012-11-12 19:09:32

One Chinese-language newspaper has started this week strong, making some rather bold claims about the future of a few Apple devices that seem pretty tough to believe.

Foxconn May Open US Factories
2012-11-11 08:59:27

A manufacturing company best known for its work on Apple's iPad and iPhone, as well as multiple inquiries into working conditions and employee welfare at its plants, is rumored to be heading to the West.

iPhone 5 Issues Make It Hard For Supplier To Keep Up
2012-11-08 10:40:07

Supply and demand: It’s a deceptively simple notion. It’s one thing to be unable to get products in customers’ hands because demand is so high. It’s another to be unable supply products because your factory can’t churn out enough product.

Foxconn Confirms Underage Workers
2012-10-16 08:07:18

Foxconn, the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic products, including Apple’s iPad and iPhone, has found itself in hot water once more regarding labor and hiring processes, an issue which they’ve all but become synonymous with.

Apple Could Sell 10 Million IPad Minis in 4th Quarter
2012-10-08 15:18:12

It was only last week that the Wall Street Journal ran a story confirming Asian suppliers have already begun “mass production” of the rumored iPad Mini.

Foxconn Denies Strike, Production Disruption Reports
2012-10-08 05:51:22

Representatives from a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company are denying reports that workers have gone on strike and have been disrupting the facility's production of the Apple iPhone.

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