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US Girls Entering Puberty Earlier Than Ever
2013-11-04 09:49:51

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Sometimes it seems like today’s children are growing up faster than ever, and a new study published in the journal Pediatrics has found that American girls are indeed entering puberty earlier than ever before. The study also found a strong connection between female childhood obesity and the early onset of puberty. "The impact of earlier maturation in girls has important clinical implications involving psychosocial and biologic...

2010-08-09 11:55:00

According to new research, U.S. girls may be hitting puberty at earlier ages. Dr. Frank Biro of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, who led the study, said the study suggests earlier development than what was reported during a 1997 study.  Biro's team said that girls who hit puberty earlier are more likely to engage in risky behavior and might be at a higher risk for breast cancer. "This could represent a real trend," Dr. Joyce Lee, a pediatric endocrinologist at the...

2009-01-06 06:55:00

A new report has found that kids aging from 10 to 19 are going through rapid biological changes that you do not experience at any other age other than infancy. Even though most of the nation's 42 million adolescents seem to be thriving, it is a time of risk-taking and pushing boundaries as they learn to drive, are exposed to alcohol, drugs and sexual situations. It is also an age when many of the habits that determine good health during adulthood are set, or not. "They are quite literally our...

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