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Genetic Variant Linked To Freckling, Sun Sensitivity Discovered
2013-11-22 08:16:48

[ Watch the Video: Genetic Variant Linked To Freckling And Sun Sensitivity ] April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A genomic variant strongly associated with sensitivity to the sun, brown hair, blue eyes and freckles has been identified by a new study. Researchers studying Icelanders discovered an intricate pathway involving the interspersed DNA sequence, or non-coding region, of a gene that is among a few dozen that are associated with human pigmentation traits. The...

2013-10-24 23:00:14

The article on the website Vkool.com provides people with 11 tips on how to remove freckles that help people get clear and healthy skin. Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) October 24, 2013 The article contains 2 parts, offering 11 revolutionary tips on how to remove freckles that are really useful for people who wish to get healthy skin. It was especially written for ones who want to eliminate freckles naturally without needing to use drugs, pills, or harmful ingredients. In the first part, instead of...

2009-07-06 19:13:17

Freckles and numerous birthmarks are risk factors for the most lethal form of skin cancer, Swedish researchers reported. The genes that cause malignant melanoma are related to the genes associated with red hair, researchers at Lund University told Tidningamas Telegrambyra, the Swedish news agency, Monday. The genes related to the number of birthmarks are also linked to a melanoma risk, Professor Hakan Olsson said. Olsson is a senior doctor in the oncology department at Lund University...

2008-07-28 03:00:38

By Lee Tolliver, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Va. Jul. 28--Trick Standing is rummaging through the drawers on his Rudee Inlet charter boat, looking for pliers. He eventually finds a pair, but not before sifting through countless bottles, jars and tubes of sunscreen sprays and lotions. The sunscreen stuff is everywhere on the Git-R-Done. "Tools of the trade," Standing says. "If you're smart." Standing is a prime target for the sun's ultraviolet rays -- the ones that cause several...

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