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New Therapeutic Option Derived From Cord Blood Cells
2012-07-16 15:02:22

Protocol may open new avenues for cell-replacement therapies for neurological conditions

2010-11-17 21:18:03

With few exceptions, jumping genes-restless bits of DNA that can move freely about the genome-are forced to stay put.

2010-07-02 08:11:47

Scientists have identified the signal that prevents stem cells from proliferating, protecting the brain against too much cell division and ensuring a pool of neural stem cells that lasts a lifetime.

2009-08-05 14:15:00

Rather than sticking to a single DNA script, human brain cells harbor astonishing genomic variability, according to scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

2009-01-29 08:25:00

"Remember when…?" is how many a wistful trip down memory lane begins. But just how the brain keeps tabs on what happened and when is still a matter of speculation.

2008-08-21 15:01:06

To: NATIONAL EDITORS Contact: Maggie Goldberg of the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, +1-973-379-2690 ext.

2005-12-12 17:15:00

Add another creation to the strange scientific menagerie where animal species are being mixed together in ever more exotic combinations. Scientists announced Monday that they had created mice with small amounts of human brain cells.

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