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2011-07-15 00:00:36

Breed-specific online retailer for French & English Bulldogs Mahwah, NJ (PRWEB) July 14, 2011 Today, http://www.auggiescloset.com, LLC launched the first ever breed specific, retail web site targeting owners of English and French Bulldogs.

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Toy Bulldog
2013-06-11 11:37:04

The toy bulldog is a breed of domestic dog that once existed between the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The first attempt to develop this species occurred when breeders tried to make the bulldog smaller. This was conducted by breeding small bulldogs, but did not result in consistent, healthy toy puppies, with some litters containing normal sized puppies. Another attempt to develop the breed occurred when the English bulldog, the French bulldog, and other types of bulldogs were...

2008-05-24 15:23:13

The French Bulldog is a breed that began when some English bulldog fanciers wanted a similar breed which was not developed for dog fighting. This bulldog was small and became more popular as artisans escaping England's Industrial Revolution moved to France. They became favorites of the street walkers as well as the Russian Royal Family and King Edward VII. The breed was recognized in the late 1800s and eventually imported to the United States. The breed is muscular and compact, weighing 16...

2008-05-18 22:53:46

The Bulldog, also called the British or English Bulldog is a stocky, medium-sized breed that originated in England. The term "bulldog" was first used in the late 1500s. The Bulldog was bred in England over a period of time; it is a cross between a pug and a mastiff, originally used for bullbating. The body of the Bulldog is compact with short appendages. The trademark feature of the bulldog is its short muzzle combined with the saggy skin on its face which creates a "frown". Its head is...

2007-12-18 11:08:07

The American Bulldog is a working dog breed developed for protecting property and catching livestock. There are two types of American Bulldog, the Classic (Johnson, Bully) or Standard (Scott, Performance) type. The Standard Bulldog is often mistaken for the American Pit Bull Terrier because of its appearance. The Standard does resemble the Pit Bull on many points however the Pit Bull's head is wedge-shaped as opposed to the box-shaped head of the Standard American Bulldog. The American...

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