Latest Frontal lobe Stories

2009-08-11 14:56:09

Using a mouse model, U.S.

2009-07-13 11:12:47

It comes as no surprise that some babies are more difficult to soothe than others but frustrated parents may be relieved to know that this is not necessarily an indication of their parenting skills.

2009-05-25 16:58:21

Push-ups may lead to a better body, but meditation may lead to a better brain, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, said. The researchers used high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brains of people who meditate.

2009-04-08 09:23:02

Mathematical value intuited without calculation; findings may impact math education.

2009-04-02 10:45:37

Psychologists and neurologists invest considerable effort in the study of working memory. In terms of information retention, there is a difference between long-term memory,

2009-04-01 08:48:17

Working memory, which is our ability to retain and process information over short periods of time, is essential to most cognitive processes, such as thinking, language and planning.

2009-03-11 14:58:11

Belgian researchers have developed a blood test that can predict a person's chances of developing dementia.

2009-03-02 17:03:30

More than 40 percent of women ages 18-59 experience sexual dysfunction, with lack of sexual interest — hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD — being the most commonly reported complaint, according to medical researchers.

2009-03-02 07:42:17

Brown University's David Badre, an assistant professor of cognitive and linguistic sciences, and colleagues at the University of California–Berkeley mapped parts of the brain that control abstract or concrete decision making by studying stroke patients.

2009-02-24 13:06:38

We all know the feeling: a golden oldie comes blaring over the radio and suddenly we're transported back — to a memorable high-school dance, or to that perfect afternoon on the beach with friends. But what is it about music that can evoke such vivid memories?

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