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2008-09-29 09:00:28

By CONNIENELSON Clean up Continue to harvest vegetables as they ripen. If you have more veggies than you can use, take them to a food shelf.

2008-09-18 09:00:36

To: BUSINESS EDITORS Contact: Stefanie Scott, Verizon, +1-512-495-6730, stefanie.scott@verizon.com BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Sept.

2008-09-06 09:00:11

By Craig Brown COWED BY SCULPTURE http://wowcoolpics.blogspot.com/2008/08/32- more-must-see-creative-photographs.html HERE are dozens of photos of extremely odd sculptures, some of which make the Angel of the North look like the last word in orthodox design.

2008-07-06 18:00:15

By Jane C. Martin, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Jul. 6--Dear Jane: I've noticed the Bradford pear trees in our neighborhood have brown, dead leaves -- as much as 50 percent on some. I can find no indication of insects or disease. I haven't noticed damage to other trees such as maples or oaks.

2008-03-05 11:05:00

Spring in the Rockies begins when the snowpack melts. But with the advent of global climate change, the snow is gone sooner. Research conducted on the region’s wildflowers shows some plants are blooming less because of it.

2006-08-23 12:11:28

TORONTO (Reuters) - Former National Hockey League player agent David Frost, target of a failed murder plot, appeared in an Ontario court on Wednesday on 12 counts of sexual exploitation and one of assault, Canadian police said.

2006-04-10 01:15:00

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian scientists have discovered an "anti-freeze gene" that allows Antarctic grass to survive at minus 30 Celsius (minus 22 Fahrenheit), saying it could prevent multi-million-dollar crop losses from frost.

2006-01-19 06:27:26

By Richard Balmforth MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia shivered in its coldest spell for a generation on Thursday with temperatures in Moscow plunging overnight to minus 30 Celsius, killing the homeless and drunks, and threatening power supplies.

2006-01-19 06:25:00

Russia shivered in its coldest spell for a generation on Thursday with temperatures in Moscow plunging overnight to minus 30 Celsius, killing the homeless and drunks, and threatening power supplies.

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Winter Weather Outlook
2012-10-02 11:02:55

November 2012: The month will start out mild as temps will be on average around 50-60F, while the possibility stands that there may be 8-10days that are warmer and also 3-4 days that are colder. This month will offer about 1-2in of rainfall. Winter weather impacts will be limited to Frost and Freezes. December 2012. Temps will cool down to an average of 40-50 with the possibility of seeing 6-8 days warmer than that along with 3-4 days colder. The month will also offer 2-3in of rainfall....

Winter Weather Outlook
2012-09-18 13:23:33

November 2012: The temps should average around the 50-60F range for the month, while there is a likelihood of seeing temps above that 6-12days of the month, also look for a few days below the average. Rainfall for the month should be a round 1-3in along with frost and freezing conditions. December 2012: Temps will drop to the 40-50’s during the month, while there will be 6-8 days above that and also 2-4 days colder than average. Look for precipitation to be around 2-4in for the month...

2009-07-06 16:20:02

White frost is a type of solid ice that forms directly from water vapor found in the air. White frost forms when the humidity is above 90% and the temperature is below 18 degrees Fahrenheit. White frost grows against the wind, since the facing winds have higher humidity than leeward air. The wind must be light or the delicate icy structures become broken. The structures have big, interlocking, needle-like crystals. This phenomenon occurs very rarely. White frost is considered an intermediate...

2009-07-06 16:09:35

Soft rime is a type of milky white ice that forms when water droplets in light freezing fog freeze to the outer surfaces of objects. This formation usually occurs with light winds or in calm conditions. The rime forms to the windward (side facing the wind) side of solid objects. Soft rime is similar in appearance to hoar frost, but is formed differently. Soft rime is formed when vapor first condenses to liquid droplets and then attaches to the surface. Hoar frost is formed when water vapor is...

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