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2015-01-06 16:24:15

Northwestern Medicine physician reminds Chicagoans to take extra precautions when the temperatures plummet and the snow piles up CHICAGO, Jan.

2014-01-24 23:02:11

North America has been experiencing an onslaught of brutal winter weather, with massive amounts of snow, ice, and record low temperatures.

2014-01-09 23:02:52

When kids head out into the cold weather they may not be thinking of the risks that could come.

2014-01-04 23:02:29

In response to an article published by News Medical, Dr.

2012-12-17 05:01:32

The first thoughts of snow often brings visions of skating, skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports activities, leaving many people to rush out to embrace these sports before they are physically

2011-06-15 20:45:46

Frostbite can be a minor injury or a life-threatening condition. In the June issue of Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, a panel of experts has published evidence-based practice guidelines issued by the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) for the prevention and treatment of frostbite to guide clinicians and disseminate knowledge about best practices.

2011-02-09 00:01:27

While winters can be a wonderland, as we undertake outdoor activities, we need to be mindful that cold temperatures also challenge our bodies and present serious health risks. When core body temperature lowers, it decreases circulation and threatens vital organs.

2011-01-16 00:23:39

As severe winter weather impacts the Kansas City area, residents are taking extra precautions against the plummeting temperatures, icy winds and snowy streets. For most of us, these precautions include extra time scraping windshields and wearing one more layer of clothes.

2010-12-11 00:01:04

Step Out Safe and Warm with the Right Winter Boots Improving Everyday Footwear Protects Feet From Freezing Temperatures Columbus, OH (Vocus) December 9, 2010 Along with snow and ice comes the increased risk of injury from slips and falls.

2010-12-03 16:04:00

Northwestern Medicine expert offers tips for cold weather safety CHICAGO, Dec. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- It's beginning to feel a lot like winter. Freezing temperatures, snow storms and slippery sidewalks are just around the corner.

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