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2011-09-14 11:32:47

A new study reveals that the way fruit bats use biosonar to 'see' their surroundings is significantly more advanced than first thought. The study, published September 13 in the online, open access journal PLoS Biology, examines Egyptian fruit bats (Rousettus aegyptiacus), which use echolocation to orient inside their caves and to find fruit hidden in the branches of trees. Their high-frequency clicks form a sonar beam that spreads across a fan-shaped area, and the returning echoes allow them...

2011-08-16 07:10:00

Israeli scientists fitted fruit bats with the world's smallest GPS devices GPS technology can make our travels easier and more efficient. But for many animals, the ability to successfully navigate a landscape is not just a matter of convenience "“ their very survival depends on it. Egyptian fruit bats, for instance, fly dozens of kilometers each night to feed on specific fruit trees, making the return trip the same night. To understand how the bats locate individual trees night after...

2010-05-11 13:16:46

Bats' remarkable ability to "Ëœsee' in the dark uses the echoes from their own calls to decipher the shape of their dark surroundings. This process, known as echolocation, allows bats to perceive their surroundings in great detail, detecting insect prey or identifying threatening predators, and is a skill that engineers are hoping to replicate. A team of British researchers has worked with six adult Egyptian fruit bats from Tropical World in Leeds to record and recreate their...

2009-01-23 16:08:28

An Australian orchard grower said fruit bats are decimating his crop and not even the drone of his bagpipes can scare them away. Bob Johnson and his wife, Sue, said the Queensland state government passed environmentalist-backed legislation last year to stop orchard growers from shooting bats, leaving them with few options to protect their crop, the Brisbane Courier-Mail reported Friday. Johnson said he tried playing his bagpipes to scare away the bats but they were unmoved by his Scottish...

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