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2006-01-25 06:50:21

TOKYO (AP) - A team of Japanese researchers drilling on Antarctica has recovered what is believed to be the oldest sample of ice ever - possibly dating back 1 million years, officials said Tuesday. The ice sample was taken from a depth of 9,994 feet into the Antarctic ice sheet near the Japanese camp at Fuji Dome, according to Yuji Umezaki, an official with the education and science ministry. He said although exact dating will be conducted after the sample is returned to Japan this spring,...

2005-03-12 16:26:34

TOKYO (AFP) -- A dolphin, equipped with what is believed to be the world's first artificial fin, demonstrated her swimming and jumping skills to celebrate her recovery at a Japanese aquarium. The dolphin, named Fuji, carried a message in a case with her mouth, splashed the water with a giant jump and climbed onto a stage in front of 750 spectators at the Churaumi Aquarium on the sub-tropical island of Okinawa. "She waved her rubber fin a good-bye at the end of the 20-minute demonstration in...

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Topographic Impacts of Mt. Fuji in Japan
2012-07-16 15:39:01

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in the country of Japan. It does have a large impact on the weather in the region. The first impact is shown in the image to the left. This is known as a cap cloud as it sits snuggly on top of the mountain. This feature can be indicative of strong turbulence in the area for aviation purposes. The second impact that Mt. Fuji can have is the winter weather in the Tokyo area. When storm systems come in from the west they tend to...

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