Latest Fujian flu Stories

2009-05-14 16:09:49

A team of U.S.

2009-04-15 09:10:00

Scientists have found an artificial compound that seems to halt the duplication of influenza viruses, including the H5N1 bird flu virus.

2009-04-08 23:33:52

Japanese researchers say they've found 10 raccoons that show signs of having fought off previous bird flu infections. The discovery marks the first time anyone in Japan has seen mammals with bird flu virus antibodies, The Yomiuri Shimbun reported Wednesday.

2009-03-18 09:06:42

A new computerized method of testing could help world health officials better identify flu vaccines that are effective against multiple strains of the disease.

2009-03-03 13:44:05

A vaccine to protect humans from a bird flu pandemic is within reach after a new discovery by researchers at the University of Melbourne, Australia

2009-03-01 20:03:27

A modified vaccine once used to treat smallpox has proven effective in treating mice infected with the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain, Hong Kong researchers say. While human trials are at least two years off, the University of Hong Kong scientists, who worked with U.S.

2009-02-11 10:12:09

The government of Vietnam has announced emergency measures to prevent the spread of a bird flu epidemic from poultry to humans. Thousands of infected birds have been culled since Type A bird flu was discovered in seven provinces, the Vietnam news service VNS reported Wednesday.

2009-02-10 13:23:41

A spokesman for China's Health Ministry said on Tuesday the country is puzzled by eight human cases of bird flu in January, which appeared independent of any known case in birds.

2009-02-02 13:30:00

Experts say flu season has made a slow start this winter, with widespread illness only being reported in Virginia and New Jersey.

2009-01-25 12:00:00

China’s Health Ministry reported on Saturday the country’s fourth death from the H5N1 virus.

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