Latest Functional magnetic resonance imaging Stories

2011-08-31 14:52:41

In an effort to understand what happens in the brain when a person reads or considers such abstract ideas as love or justice, Princeton researchers have for the first time matched images of brain activity with categories of words related to the concepts a person is thinking about.

2011-08-30 15:54:42

New research from MIT suggests that there are parts of our brain dedicated to language and only language, a finding that marks a major advance in the search for brain regions specialized for sophisticated mental functions.

2011-08-17 23:55:51

Every day we make thousands of tiny predictions — when the bus will arrive, who is knocking on the door, whether the dropped glass will break.

2011-07-26 12:11:40

A new study has found that patients with mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) exhibit abnormal functional connectivity in the thalamus, a centrally located relay station for transmitting information throughout the brain.

2011-07-05 07:03:04

Babies' brains are already specially attuned to the sounds of human voices and emotions, according to this study.

2011-07-01 06:05:00

Human voices and emotions showed more activation in a part of young babies’ brains than familiar sounds of toys or water, a study published on June 30 in Current Biology found.

2011-06-30 19:05:14

Young babies' brains are already specially attuned to the sounds of human voices and emotions.

2011-06-27 15:08:02

A University of Colorado Boulder research team has developed a new software program allowing neuroscientists to produce single brain images pulled from hundreds of individual studies, trimming weeks and even months from what can be a tedious, time-consuming research process.

2011-06-14 06:05:00

Data collected from teen brain activity recorded while listening to certain pop songs may help predict whether the song will be a megahit or not.

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