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2013-05-09 23:26:12

Recently, MillionaireCasket.com, a leading casket company and casket wholesale distributor, has added its new oak casket collection to its line of wood caskets. (PRWEB)

2013-05-04 23:00:49

Today, MillionaireCasket.com, a leading casket online shop, launched its wooden casket promotion.

2013-05-03 23:19:13

Recently, MillionaireCasket.com, a China casket manufacturer, has announced a promotion for its high quality product line of metal caskets. (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

2013-04-07 23:01:22

Today, MillionaireCasket.com, a renowned casket brand, released a new casket lowering device to its product line. (PRWEB) April 07, 2013 Today, MillionaireCasket.com,

2013-03-23 23:02:07

Recently, MillionaireCasket.com, a well-know casket company, has introduced its new metal caskets. (PRWEB) March 23, 2013 Recently, MillionaireCasket.com,

2013-03-12 23:02:01

Funeral template company now offering bookmark templates. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA (PRWEB) March 12, 2013 Elegant Memorials, a leader in online, photo-customized

2013-02-28 23:00:34

When looking to the future 2013 National Funeral Directors Convention Ben Stewart gives a never-before-seen

2013-02-27 23:00:27

SharedSorrows.com financial expert, Brian Beaman, recently reveals how SharedSorrows.com can help Americans save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a funeral.

Teotihuacans Used Make-up To Honor Their Dead After Exhuming Their Body
2013-01-09 14:40:33

In collaboration with the National University of Mexico, a team of Spanish researchers has analyzed for the first time remains of cosmetics in the graves of prehispanic civilizations on the American continent.

2013-01-07 05:01:10

SharedSorrows.com expert Jessica De Hoyos says, “Cremation is becoming more popular every year.

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