Latest Fusarium Stories

2006-04-13 16:40:00

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bausch & Lomb Inc. was sued in federal court on Thursday in a complaint that accuses the company of failing to disclose to consumers that using its ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution may result in a serious eye infection. On Monday, the company suspended shipments of the product after some users were diagnosed with a serious eye infection. U.S. health authorities are looking into 109 cases of Fusarium keratitis, a rare fungal infection that can cause...

2006-03-31 17:25:00

LOS ANGELES -- Bausch & Lomb Inc. said on Friday it is working with health authorities around the world to determine the cause of an increase in a rare fungus infection among contact lens wearers that first surfaced in parts of Asia. The company, which makes both contact lenses and lens solution, said it believes that the cause of the Fusarium keratitis infections is not related to any specific contact lens or lens-care product. Authorities in Singapore linked a number of cases of the...

2005-06-09 06:35:00

BOGOTA,Colombia -- A group of Colombian scientists believe they've found a way to wipe out cocaine production: unleash an army of hungry moth caterpillars. But critics of the proposal say the chance for "ecological mischief" is high. The plan envisions breeding thousands of beige-colored Eloria Noyesi moths in laboratories, packing them into boxes and releasing them into steamy coca-growing regions of Colombia, the world's main supplier of the drug. The moths, about twice the size of a fly,...

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