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NASA Wants To Know If You Spot Orion Traveling Across The US
2013-12-14 03:49:40

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A test version of NASA’s Orion spacecraft is hitting the road for the next few weeks, making its way across the country for recovery tests off the coast of California. The mockup capsule departed NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., on Wednesday, and will travel through Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before arriving at Naval Base San Diego in California early next month. Once there, it will be...

2008-02-28 11:40:00

Britain has now been fully reinstated as member of the Gemini Observatory after a $160 million budget shortfall temporarily suspended the country's membership. The reinstatement means British astronomers will continue to have direct access to two prime 8m-class telescopes in Chile and Hawaii.    After 15 months of development, the two optical-infrared reflecting telescopes, known as Gemini South and Gemini North, are only now realizing their full potential to view the most...

2007-10-18 10:35:00

American plans now call for a return of humans to the Moon by around 2020. What can we hope to gain from such a program? It will be helpful to look back at our first lunar program, Apollo, and ask what we got from it, beside some 850 pounds of rock and soil "“ fascinating to geologists, but perhaps not to all taxpayers. I will try to summarize highlights of the payoff from Apollo. What was the "Apollo Program"? There was much more to it than Neil Armstrong's "one small step," and even...

2005-11-17 18:40:15

NASA -- As NASA's next generation spacecraft matures, engineers will document its design with today's electronic equivalent to the blueprint. But diagrams, three-dimensional or not, only go so far in helping engineers understand what layouts best suit the job at hand and the humans involved. That's why Johnson Space Center in Houston has started building a full-sized mockup of the new craft's cockpit in its Space Vehicle Mockup Facility. The new spaceship -- known as the Crew Exploration...

2005-11-04 07:51:44

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) - Thirty-nine years after its only trip to space, the Gemini XII will be restored over the next three months at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. The spacecraft that carried astronauts Jim Lovell and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin on a November 1966 mission arrived in Hutchinson this week. Restoration officials said despite some deterioration and corrosion, the Gemini is in good shape. "This is pretty much the condition it was when it became the Smithsonian's property in...

2005-06-17 06:20:27

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) -- A new gallery that opens Saturday at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center tells the story of early ventures into space from both the American and Russian perspective in side-by-side exhibits. The 4,000-square-foot Mollett Early Spaceflight Gallery focuses on race to space between the U.S. and Russia, and includes artifacts from the 1950s and 1960s. One section of the half-million-dollar gallery even includes Soviet space flight failures that were hidden for years...

2005-04-17 11:10:00

CHICAGO (AP) -- Former astronaut Jim Lovell, whose near-fatal trip to the moon was made famous in the movie "Apollo 13," has given a planetarium the handbook whose cardboard cover was used to save the space crew's lives. Lovell donated several items from his career to the Adler Planetarium to mark the institution's 75th anniversary. The gifts include pieces of memorabilia from the trip to the moon that turned into a race for survival after an oxygen tank exploded. The handbook's cardboard...

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2010-12-03 15:11:46

Frank Borman is a retired NASA astronaut and engineer. He was born Frank Frederick Borman, II on March 14, 1928 in Gary, Indiana. His father moved his family to Tucson, Arizona during Borman's childhood. He graduated from Tucson High School and then graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1950. Upon his graduation, he entered the United States Air Force and became a fighter pilot. He received his Master of Science degree in aeronautical engineering from the California Institute...

2010-11-18 18:23:59

Pete Conrad was an American naval officer, astronaut and engineer, and he was the third person to walk on the Moon. He was born Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. on June 2, 1930 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While his legal name was Charles, his mother gave him what would be his lifetime nickname, Pete. The Great Depression had a tough impact on the Conrad family, but they pulled through it. Conrad has always been bright and intelligent; however, he suffered from dyslexia, a condition that was not...

2010-10-29 20:50:05

Jim Lovell is a former NASA astronaut and a retired captain in the US Navy. He was born as James "Jim" Arthur Lovell, Jr. on March 25, 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio. During his childhood, Lovell was interested in rocketry, and built flying models. His father died in a car accident when he was young. Lovell graduated from Juneau High School in Wisconsin. Later he attended the University of Wisconsin"“Madison for two years. He then transferred to the United States Naval Academy, and entered in the...

2010-10-29 20:25:18

Eugene Cernan was a NASA astronaut and an engineer. He was born David Eugene "Gene" Andrew Cernan on March 14, 1934 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in a diverse environment and graduated from Proviso East High School in Maywood, Illinois. He continued his education in Indiana at Purdue University, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering. He was contracted into the United States Navy at Purdue, and began flying jets as a Naval Aviator. In 1963, he obtained a Masters...

2010-10-12 14:53:01

Neil Armstrong is one of the most well known American astronauts. is Neil Armstrong. He is an American aviator and a former astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor, and United States Naval Aviator. He was also the first person to walk on the Moon. He was born as Neil Alden Armstrong on August 5, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. His father, Stephen, worked for the state government, which caused the family to move around many tunes throughout Armstrong's childhood. As a child,...

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