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2008-04-03 08:25:00

Whether you are running for president or looking for a clerical job, you cannot afford to get angry if you are a woman, Yale University psychologist Victoria Brescoll has found.

2008-04-01 14:00:00

New research from Indiana University and Yale suggests that college-age men confuse friendly non-verbal cues with cues for sexual interest because the men have a less discerning eye than women -- but their female peers aren't far behind.

2008-03-19 03:00:10

By Herzog, Sergio Oreg, Shaul Previous studies have shown that female offenders frequently receive more lenient judgments than equivalent males.

2008-02-14 03:00:14

By Cameron, Jessica J Ross, Michael ABSTRACT. The authors examined the degree to which ratings of negative affectivity (NA) and relational security predicted the breakup of long-distance and same-city dating relationships.

2008-02-04 14:20:00

Video games activate reward regions of brain in men more than women, Stanford study finds

2008-01-29 11:50:00

In an interview with Newsweek’s Joan Raymond, British Researcher Adrian Furnham reveals that men are not necessarily more intelligent than their female counterparts; however they certainly believe that they are. Adrian Furnham is a professor of psychology at University College London who studies “perceived intelligence”, or how smart people think they are.

2007-11-09 06:00:26

By Fortson, Beverly L Scotti, Joseph R; Chen, Yi-Chuen; Malone, Judith; Ben, Kevin S Del Abstract. Objective: To assess Internet use, abuse, and dependence. Participants: 411 undergraduate students. Results: Ninety percent of participants reported daily Internet use.

2006-10-20 16:10:00

Telling women they can't do well in math may turn out be a self-fulfilling statement. In tests in Canada, women who were told that men and women do math equally well did much better than those who were told there is a genetic difference in math ability.

2006-09-19 09:35:15

Gender bias - not any biological difference between the sexes - stifles the careers of female scientists at the nation's universities, says a new report that calls for wide-ranging steps to level the playing field.

2006-01-28 11:14:07

When it comes to end-of-life care, researchers have known for some time that ethnic groups have different perspectives on how they'd wish to be treated. Now, a small study suggests there's a gender gap even among people of the same ethnicity.

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