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Domestic Goat Reference Genome Sequence Complete
2012-12-24 05:45:56

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online An international team of researchers announced on Sunday they had completed the first high-quality reference genome of the domestic goat (Capra hircus), marking the first time the DNA of a ruminant animal has been sequenced. "Goats are recognized as an important member of the world livestock industry, and with many unique biological features," officials from BGI Shenzen, one of the institutions responsible for the feat, explained...

2008-11-06 07:50:00

The entire gene maps of two men were laid out in detail, according to scientists who say they completed the process for significantly less than it used to cost. Of the men sequenced, one was Chinese and the other was African. Separate teams of scientists published their findings in two different articles in the science journal Nature.The Chinese backed project cost $500,000 dollars.That's less than the hundreds of millions of dollars it used to cost when the sequencing of the first human...

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