Latest Genome-wide association study Stories

2009-11-25 14:54:59

Genome Institute of Singapore researchers compiled map based on genome-wide variations of 6,000 samples.

2009-11-24 15:52:43

Typically conducted in richer, developed countries but now increasingly done in the developing world, genome wide association (GWA) studies raise a host of ethical issues that must be addressed, argues a Policy Forum article published this week in PLoS Medicine.

2009-10-13 10:05:00

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- 23andMe, Inc., an industry leader in personal genetics, conducted the genetic analysis of both former and current NFL players, as well as scientific controls, to investigate how genes impact athletic performance.

2009-10-12 07:42:37

Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 22 regions associated with blood cell traits.

2009-10-09 13:20:50

A sophisticated computational algorithm, applied to a large set of gene markers, has achieved greater accuracy than conventional methods in assessing individual risk for type 1 diabetes.

2009-09-23 09:11:43

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers are part of an international team that has discovered a genetic variation that could identify those people infected with hepatitis C who are most likely to benefit from current treatments.

2009-07-17 09:00:19

A team led by researchers from the National Institutes of Health today reported the discovery of five genetic variants related to blood pressure in African-Americans, findings that may provide new clues to treating and preventing hypertension.

2009-07-15 11:37:06

Research by a group of Montreal scientists calls into question one of the most basic assumptions of human genetics: that when it comes to DNA, every cell in the body is essentially identical to every other cell.

2009-06-30 15:51:56

An analysis of the association between genetic variations of the inflammation biomarker C-reactive protein (CRP) with coronary heart disease failed to support a causal association, according to a study in the July 1 issue of JAMA.

2009-06-30 15:42:27

A protein used by doctors to indicate a patient's risk of coronary heart disease may have drug developers barking up the wrong treatment tree, according to the authors of a study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association

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