Latest Genome-wide association study Stories

2010-03-25 12:41:56

A variation at the location of the GPC5 gene appears to reduce risk of the heart disorder that claims more than 250,000 American lives each year.

2010-03-18 09:35:34

In the ongoing quest to identify the genetic factors involved in disease, scientists have increasingly turned to genome-wide association studies, or GWAS, which enable the scanning of up to a million genetic markers in thousands of individuals.

2010-03-01 15:46:48

Alcohol dependence (AD) is a complex disease for which both genetic and environmental factors affect susceptibility.

2010-02-26 08:50:00

Several genes affect tooth development in the first year of life, according to the findings of a study conducted at Imperial College London, the University of Bristol in the UK and the University of Oulu in Finland.

2010-02-21 13:15:12

Gene associated with atrial fibrillation in younger patients without known risk factors.

2010-01-26 13:26:17

Researchers challenge prevailing assumptions in interpreting genome-wide studies.

2010-01-26 12:29:37

Scientists at Duke University Medical Center say they are now convinced that rare genetic variants – as opposed to more common ones – lie at the heart of the genetic component of most common diseases.

2009-12-17 13:08:31

Largest genome-wide association study of an infectious disease.

2009-12-04 10:04:05

By measuring the total gene activity in organs relevant for coronary artery disease (CAD), scientists at the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet have identified a module of genes that is important for the recruitment of white blood cells into the atherosclerotic plaque.

2009-11-25 14:54:59

Genome Institute of Singapore researchers compiled map based on genome-wide variations of 6,000 samples.

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