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2010-11-04 17:44:38

Huge international group to map genomes of 2,500 people in order to understand human genetic variability Genetic diseases impact millions around the world each and every day. Complex medical conditions with genetic predispositions, such as hypertension, can also weigh heavily on our lives. Susceptibility to hypertension has many genetic components and often goes undiagnosed until a person has signs of advanced disease. Many imagine a day when science will give us the tools to discover how to...

2010-10-28 05:40:00

Researchers unveiled early results from the pilot phase of the 1000 Genomes Project on Wednesday, revealing the most complete inventory to date of the millions of DNA variations between individuals. The findings are estimated to contain 95 percent of the genetic variation of any person on Earth, and shed light on the genetic roots of diseases and why some people are at greater risk than others for developing illnesses such as diabetes or cancer.  The more subtle genetic variations also...

2010-06-21 07:10:00

The completion of three pilot projects designed to determine how best to build an extremely detailed map of human genetic variation begins a new chapter in the international project called 1,000 Genomes, said the director of the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center, which is a major contributor to the effort. "Mapping all the shared normal variation in human populations is a critical step to interpreting medically actionable genetic changes," said Dr. Richard Gibbs, also...

2010-06-14 13:04:25

A tool for clinicians as well as geneaologists Understanding the genetic ancestry of mixed populations, such as those found in North America, can not only help to detect their origins but also to understand the genetic basis of complex diseases, a scientist will tell the annual conference of the European Society of Human Genetics today (Saturday June 11). It is the first time that the genomes of individuals of admixed ancestry have been sequenced in such detail, says Dr. Francisco De La Vega...

2009-10-08 09:47:46

New map of copy number variation in the human genome is a resource for human genetics In research published Oct. 7 by Nature, an international team describes the finest map of changes to the structure of human genomes and a resource they have developed for researchers worldwide to look at the role of these changes in human disease. They also identify 75 'jumping genes' - regions of our genome that can be found in more than one location in some individuals. However, the team cautions that they...

2008-01-22 10:55:00

Major sequencing effort will produce most detailed map of human genetic variation to support disease studiesAn international research consortium today announced the 1000 Genomes Project, an ambitious effort that will involve sequencing the genomes of at least a thousand people from around the world to create the most detailed and medically useful picture to date of human genetic variation. The project will receive major support from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton, England, the...

2005-06-06 14:50:34

Beijing, China, and Copenhagen, Denmark, June 6, 2005 "” Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Danish Committee of Pig Breeding and Production (DCPBP) jointly announce the public release of pig genomic sequences. The released sequence data include 3.84 million pieces of the genomes of five different domestic pig breeds from Europe and China. The data are generated from the first large scale pig genome sequencing effort, the Sino-Danish Pig...

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