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2014-03-24 23:03:35

GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Personalized Medicines markets. Global market for Personalized Medicines is projected to reach US$200 billion by 2020, driven by aging population, escalating healthcare costs, growing focus on improving patient outcomes and the ensuing need for more effective therapies and treatment options. San Jose, CA (PRWEB) March 24, 2014 Follow us on LinkedIn -Conventional trial and error treatment method based mass prescription...

2014-03-24 16:25:11

SALT LAKE CITY, March 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery is partnering with California based Omicia, Inc, to make analyzing a patient's genome as routine as performing a blood test. The center, co-directed by Mark Yandell, Ph.D., and Gabor Marth, D.Sc., was launched this month with $6 million from the University of Utah and the state-funded Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative....

2014-03-21 12:24:29

Sutphen will underscore importance of providing patients with access to genetic counselors via telephone NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Rebecca Sutphen, MD, FACMG, president and chief medical officer at InformedDNA, will discuss the importance of delivering telephone-based genetic counseling services, as part of our nation's health care delivery model, at the 2014 American College of Medical Genetics Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting on Wednesday, March...

Researchers Discover Underlying Genetics Tied To Increased Risk For Stroke And Cardiovascular Disease
2014-03-21 10:26:43

NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute NIH-funded findings point to new potential strategies for disease prevention, treatment Scientists studying the genomes of nearly 5,000 people have pinpointed a genetic variant tied to an increased risk for stroke, and have also uncovered new details about an important metabolic pathway that plays a major role in several common diseases. Together, their findings may provide new clues to underlying genetic and biochemical influences in the...

2014-03-21 08:23:43

INNSBRUCK, Austria, March 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- - A US research team has developed the world's first blood test capable of predicting, with 90% accuracy, the risk of Alzheimer's disease 2-3 years in advance. The findings, published in Nature Medicine, were generated using the AbsoluteIDQ(R) p180 test kit by Austrian BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG. A team of US researchers has developed the world's first blood test capable of predicting Alzheimer's. The...

Supercomputer To Contribute To Cancer Genetics
2014-03-20 12:31:15

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online IBM said this week that its Watson supercomputer that grew to fame on the TV game show Jeopardy is going to be used to help clinicians tailor treatments for cancer patients. The company announced it will be teaming up with the New York Genome Center (NYGC) to help doctors develop treatments that are customized for cancer patients according to their genetic makeup. NYGC will be using Watson’s ability to help oncologists develop...

Loblolly Pine's Huge Genome Sequenced
2014-03-20 11:02:54

Genetics Society of America The massive genome of the loblolly pine—around seven times bigger than the human genome—is the largest genome sequenced to date and the most complete conifer genome sequence ever published. This achievement marks the first big test of a new analysis method that can speed up genome assembly by compressing the raw sequence data 100-fold. The draft genome is described in the March 2014 issue of GENETICS and the journal Genome Biology. Loblolly pine is the...

2014-03-19 23:30:18

OMICS Group Conferences, a leading scientific event organizer, is pleased to announce its 2nd International conference on Oceanography, July 21-23, 2014 at Las Vegas, USA Henderson, Nevada (PRWEB) March 19, 2014 2nd International conference on Oceanography, an OMICS Group Conference, will be held from July 21-23, 2014 in Las Vegas, USA. Oceanography-2014 will be a three day event. Dr. Srinubabu Gedela, Managing Director and CEO, OMICS Group International, addressed that “Oceanography-...

2014-03-19 23:24:32

General Genetics Corporation (GGC) announces a new pharmacogenomic testing study that investigates the frequency of adverse drug effects on a select population with known genetic variations that affect drug metabolic pathways, to determine if pharmacogenomic testing can ameliorate risks. Las Cruces, New Mexico (PRWEB) March 19, 2014 General Genetics Corporation (GGC) announced today an investigative study of pharmacogenomic testing (PGx) value when managing criteria-specific patients who...

2014-03-18 12:30:51

PHILADELPHIA, March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Expanse Bioinformatics has recently been awarded three new patents by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, now bringing the portfolio to a total of 27 issued patents. The three new patents include US Patent 8,655,908, directed at genetically based lifestyle changes to modify predispositions to a condition (e.g. disease avoidance); US 8,655,899, which covers creating associations in a social network based in part on common...

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