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2013-11-14 23:25:03

Many of have heard about Typhoon Haiyan's impact on the Philippines this past weekend. With GoAbroad’s Asia office located in Tacloban, the GoAbroad.com team has launched a campaign to provide relief efforts to people and families affected by the devastating storm. Fort Collins, Colorado (PRWEB) November 14, 2013 GoAbroad.com, in conjunction with the GoAbroad Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is launching an official Causes campaign to provide direct relief to Typhoon Haiyan...

2013-11-14 23:02:23

Event Served to Unveil the New Abila Brand and Showcase the Depth of Latest Product Offerings Austin, Texas (PRWEB) November 14, 2013 Forward Together 2013, the inaugural three-and-a-half-day Abila user conference, brought over 400 customers and business partners together on November 3rd. The conference served to unveil the new Abila brand to users through the interplay of three key themes: “Inspire Possibility,” “Anything is Possible” and “Mission Delivered.” “This was an...

2013-10-30 23:04:20

The Inaugural user conference officially kicks off on Nov. 3 to a gathering of over 400 customers. Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 30, 2013 Who:     Abila, formerly Sage Nonprofit Solutions, a provider of software solutions dedicated to serving dynamic nonprofit organizations, associations and government agencies, launches Forward Together 2013. The inaugural user conference officially kicks off on Nov. 3 to a gathering of over 400 customers and business partners of the...

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Paektu Mountain
2014-08-28 10:46:25

Paektu Mountain, also known as Baektu Mountain or Changbai Mountain, is an active stratovolcano that is located along the border of China and North Korea. At an elevation of 9,003 feet, it is the tallest peak on the Korean Peninsula and in northeastern China, as well as the tallest peak in the Baekdudaegan and Changbai mountain ranges. The volcano is a popular tourist area for many South Koreans and foreign travelers. Paektu Mountain is a cone shaped volcano that holds a large caldera that...

2014-04-18 10:27:02

The Sulu Bleeding-heart (Gallicolumba menagei) is a species of bird within the pigeon and dove family Columbidae. It is native to the island of Tawi-Tawi and its surrounding islets within the Philippines’ Sulu Archipelago. This species is known from two specimens that were collected in 1891, and has not been recorded with certainty since then. It resides in primary and secondary forests that have a closed canopy. It is of medium size with a short tail. Bright metallic green colored feathers...

Kurilian Bobtail
2013-06-11 13:06:21

The Kurilian bobtail, also known as the Curilsk Bobtail or the Kurilean bobtail, among many other names, is a breed of domestic cat that is sometimes considered a breed group by some registries. The origin of this breed has been claimed by Kamchatka, Sakhalin Island, Russia, and Japan, but it is thought to have originated on the Kuril Islands. The first members of the breed occurred naturally on the islands as a shorthaired variant about two hundred years ago, but the modern variant has only...

Persian Gulf
2013-04-18 13:55:23

The Persian Gulf is located in the western part of Asia between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. It’s an addition to the Indian Ocean. The Gulf was the focal point of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War, which each side assaulted the other’s oil tankers. In the year 1991, the Persian Gulf again was the background for what was known as the “Persian Gulf War” or otherwise known as the “Gulf War”, despite the fact that this disagreement was mainly a land conflict, when Iraq raided Kuwait...

2011-04-11 15:10:03

Yunnanosaurus, meaning "Yunnan lizard," is a genus of prosauropod dinosaur from the Early to Mid Jurassic Period. This was perhaps one of the last living prosauropods of the time. It was discovered by Yang Zhongjian in the Lufeng Formation of Yunnan, China. The find consisted of twenty incomplete skeletons, including two skulls, and were excavated by Tsun Yi Wang. The type species, Y huangi, was named by C.C. Young in 1942, and created the family Yunnanosauridae based on the findings as a...

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